‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Captures Amazing Pic of Deer on ‘Last Day’ in Montana

by Alex Falls

Fans cannot wait to see what’s coming in the upcoming fifth season of Yellowstone. The highly-anticipated TV event is still two months away, but fans are already dying to know what’s coming to the Dutton Ranch. Taylor Sheridan‘s neo-western epic is a major hit with audiences and the next season can’t come soon enough.

Those waiting fans will be happy to know that filming is coming to a close in the great landscape of Montana. Kelly Reilly, otherwise known as the manipulative Beth Dutton, just revealed a major update regarding her time on set.

Reilly indicated in an Instagram post that she’s wrapped up her time filming the next season of Yellowstone. She marked the occasion with a beautiful capture of the Montana scenery and a lone deer she got to share the moment with.

“Beautiful goodbye in the forest on my last day in Montana this year. See you later friends,” she wrote in her post.

Her fans noted the beauty of the scene by taking to the comments section. “What a beautiful picture. It is like the deer is saying goodbye to you or maybe he wants you to stay,” wrote one fan. “Beautiful, safe trip home. I am so excited for S5!!” wrote another.

Beth and John Face the Future in ‘Yellowstone’

After last season’s intense clash between Beth and her father John Dutton, we aren’t sure what is going to happen between the two in the new season. However, Beth is dedicated to her father, even after all he said to her. Reilly recently talked about that dynamic.

“I think Beth harbors a lot of guilt and shame about some things that happened when she was younger,” she explained. “Most notably the death of her mother which was a tragic accident, but it was her fault. I think for the rest of her life she feels that she took her father’s happiness away. So, she’s almost in servitude to him forever and there’s something really tragic and sad and beautiful about that.”

Rip Wheeler Talks the Show’s Grassroots Success

Season four of Yellowstone also showed Beth finally tying the knot with the ranch foreman Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser. He’s also excited for fans to get to see the next chapter of the Dutton family drama. Hauser explained the show developed a grassroots following that’s helped elevate it into mainstream success.

“I think when you have a grassroots show like this, that started very small and is built from the interior of the country out, and now it’s finally seemingly hit California and New York. Which took many years. Then you’ve done it the right way,” Hauser said. “You’ve taken the stairs versus the elevator. Each year, we’ve taken those steps to really solidify not only our audience, but the love for the show.”