‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Opens Up About Challenges of Playing Beth Dutton

by Megan Molseed
(Paramount Network Press)

There is no question that the neo-western series Yellowstone is the most popular drama on television right now. And, with the fifth season of the popular series about to premiere this evening, November 13, we are having a good time checking in on some of our favorite stars from the series.

Among these favorite characters is, of course, Kelly Reilly’s fiery Beth Dutton, the ruthless only daughter of Yellowstone’s patriarch, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton is known for her steely personality and her sharp-tongued tirades and unrelenting ruthlessness as she goes toe to toe with anyone who opposes her or her father. However, fans of the series know well that there is a much more vulnerable side to Beth Dutton. One that few ever see. An almost desperate desire to find a connection with someone even among the chaos. Chaos that Beth herself often ushers in. It’s a sort of balance in the character that fans love, a raw and fiercely devoted version of Beth in contrast with a more vulnerable version of the character.

Kelly Reilly Discusses Beth Dutton’s Complicated Nature

However, Reilly feels that while these versions of Beth seem wildly different, each has its place within Beth’s powerful force of nature. And each one becomes a core piece of some of our favorite Yellowstone storylines.

“They’re the same character,” Kelly Reilly says of the seemingly contradictory versions of Beth Dutton. However, she notes, each one finds its way out in different circumstances. And, it’s always a question among the fans which one of the two Beths will be revealed in any given situation.

“People talk about the angry woman, the sensitive woman, the emotional woman,” Kelly Reilly relates. Reilly adds that this multi-dimensional characteristic in Beth represents anyone.

“I have all of those women in me,” the Yellowstone star says. “Beth is a force of nature. So with that comes an incredible amount of adrenaline. An energy rushes through my body and mind.”

For Kelly Reilly, these different levels in Beth are always present in the series even in less obvious circumstances. “It’s like getting into a sports car or riding a thoroughbred,” Reilly says.

“There is something more powerful than you, and you better hold on. I don’t always agree with her. Some of the time, I do,” the actress says of Beth Dutton. “Sometimes I wish I could have more of what she has.”