‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Reveals Why Beth’s Past Is Coming Back to Haunt Her in Season 5

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

On Sunday’s intense “Yellowstone” premiere, we got to look back at Beth and Rip’s relationship when they were teenagers. A time that haunts us all, but especially Beth Dutton. Turns out, Beth and Rip weren’t always as steadfast as they are now. There was a time when Beth treated him badly, and Rip didn’t fully understand her.

For context (and spoilers), when they were teenagers, Beth asked Rip out on a date. They went to a dive bar and Rip got pretty in over his head. He’d technically never left the ranch before, and Beth was determined to teach him how to live. “Educating you’s gonna be fun,” she says. Fun for her, maybe. Rip didn’t quite understand what he was getting himself into with Beth, and when she used her “feminine wiles” to win over the bartender, he got jealous and uncomfortable.

“I’m not yours to be jealous over,” Beth says. Rip doesn’t want to fight, but Beth won’t lay off. Rip decided to leave her there, bumming a ride back to the ranch. This scene turns into present-day Beth waking up from a nightmare of this memory. She goes to Rip, apologizing and near inconsolable.

“I was f—ing awful to you. I was terrible. But if it is any consolation, I was worse on myself,” she cries. “I robbed us of so much time together. It’s still robbing us.”

Beth’s actions in her youth, when she was even more profoundly broken, are haunting her. She feels like she doesn’t have enough time with Rip, and is that foreshadowing I smell? Whether it is or not, Kelly Reilly has addressed Beth’s haunted past in a new interview with Deadline.

Kelly Reilly Talks Beth’s Past in That ‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Flashback

When asked why that flashback is so important, Kelly Reilly replied, “I think, for me, Beth is very haunted by her past and there seems to be a lot of that rising up in her this season, which I’ve actually enjoyed because you get to see a side of Beth that understands consequence.”

Beth’s never really had to deal with consequences before on “Yellowstone.” But, as a teenager, she has to confront what her actions cause. One of those things is delayed happiness with Rip. “Most of the time she doesn’t [understand consequence],” Reilly continued. “She’s fearless and reckless. But with Rip, I think she understands her behavior. I think she gives herself a very hard time when things come down to the crunch with people she loves, I think she feels things incredibly deeply and feels she wronged him. I think it haunts her.”

As a teenager, and also as an adult, Beth has a very low opinion of herself. She puts on a front for the outside world. But, she’s severely self-conscious and vulnerable around people she cares for. She regrets her actions toward Rip, because if she hadn’t done those things, maybe they could have been happy together sooner.