‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Gets Fans Absolutely Pumped for Season 5, Episode 3

by Hunter Miller
(Photo via Paramount Network)

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner is keeping the show’s popularity train rolling heading into Sunday. On Saturday morning, he dropped a new, badass John Dutton pic that has fans chomping at the bit for the next episode of Season 5.

Speaking directly to his fans, Costner posted the pic posing the question: “Who’s catching up on @yellowstone today?

After posting the photo on socials, Kevin Costner’s fans went bananas. One fan mentioned how excited they are to see Episode 3, in addition to Costner’s upcoming docuseries celebrating the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park. “Won’t miss it; And really looking forward to the “other Yellowstone” in the docuseries you are in! Can’t wait for that,” the fan commented.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Ticked About Missing the Premiere

Of course, multiple fans brought up one of the biggest issues they discovered last week during the premiere. “Wish I was watching. What happened to streaming it on Paramount+,” one user wrote.

As many fans were disappointed to find out last week, Yellowstone airs new episodes exclusively on Paramount Network. The series doesn’t air live on Paramount+, and social media learned that lesson the hard way last week. And, to no one’s surprise, Yellowstone fans were absolutely livid about it.

If you were one of those fans that lost it last week upon making this realization, worry not. We’ve got you covered. You can watch the show on streaming services. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the show this season.

Episode 3 comes on the heels of a historic night for the western series and its home network, Paramount. Last week, the show premiered to a record-setting 12 million+ viewers. Season 5 brought in around 800k more viewers than the Season 4 premiere, according to Deadline.

Yellowstone returns for Season 5, episode 3 on Sunday (Nov. 20) at 8 PM ET, exclusively on Paramount Network. In case you missed it, be sure to catch up on everything that happened in the premiere episode as well as the second episode that aired shortly after.