‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Looks Forward to Calgary Stampede, Posts Epic John Dutton Pic

by Jonathan Howard

While Season 5 of Yellowstone is under production, star Kevin Costner can’t help but get out and see some fans here and there. He’s heading to the Calgary Stampede and he’s going to see more than a few cowboys while he’s there. The John Dutton actor has fully embraced Western culture and we love to see it, don’t we Outsiders?

With a fifth season on its way, the hype around Yellowstone has never been greater. It seems like each day and week we get some new information, or at least a great pic or two. From Cole Hauser to Kelly Reilly and even the Bunkhouse Boys – everyone is happy to be back in Montana on the ranch.

So, being in Montana, I guess Costner decided he’d just go a little further north and go over the border to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s a great place to be for a Western sports and culture enthusiast and I’m sure there are more than a couple of Yellowstone fans there as well.

Check out the tweet below and see the actor’s announcement for yourself.

Folks, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth gets going in just under 24 hours. It’s going to be 10 days of fun, roping and riding, music, and more. And hey, if you go to Calgary for the Stampede, and you don’t have a great time – at least you’ll have all the pancake breakfast you can handle. Honestly, isn’t that worth going in the first place?

Every time there’s a rodeo event nowadays, it feels like there is a Yellowstone or 1883 star somewhere lurking about. Costner is undoubtedly the biggest star and the Calgary Stampede got a good one here, that’s for sure. Any chance he takes a trot around the ring?

‘Yellowstone’ Cast Just Visited the Rodeo in Darby, Montana

So, with each passing year that Yellowstone goes on, it feels like they connect with the Montana community more and more. That was on full display the other day when a lot of the cast members were over at Darby, Montana. Of course, there are all kinds of smaller rodeo events happening all over the Big Sky area and out west as well.

One of the actors that made their way to the event was none other than Finn Little. The actor said it was his first rodeo ever and made sure to post about it on his Instagram. That’s just a little slice of life for the folks in the cast and crew of the series. Taking in all the sights of the ranch, and all that Montana has to offer, apparently.

So, if there’s a local rodeo near you, it might be time to check and see if someone from Yellowstone is going to show up or not. You just never know who might be walking around, taking in the animals, the games, food, and fun that are usually all around at these events.