‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Reacts to New Paramount Series With Morgan Freeman

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for 101 Studios)

Kevin Costner is “excited” to share that he is once again partnering with Morgan Freeman to film what’s bound to be yet another epic project.

News broke today that the Oscar winners will be filming a Civil War series titled The Gray Room together. And just as soon as fans heard, the Yellowstone star posted his enthusiasm on Instagram.

“Excited for another adventure with my friend @morganfreeman,” he wrote alongside a series of two photos.

In the first picture, we see Costner and Freeman in a movie still from Robinhood: Prince of Thieves. The 1991 blockbuster was the first and only time that the A-listers paired up during their decades-long careers, until now.

The retelling of the classic novel put Costner in the lead as Robin of Locksley, an escaped prisoner of war who returns home to find a corrupt sheriff ruling over his land. And Freeman plays Azeem, a fellow prisoner saved by Robin who feels compelled to repay the favor before finding his way back to his own home.

In the upcoming project, the two will help share the untold story of three women who helped the North win the Civil War.

Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman Set to Star in Paramount’s ‘The Gray House’

The Gray House follows a Richmond Socialite, her formerly enslaved African-American daughter, and a courtesan as they form the first successful female spy ring. Because they are women, the Confederate High Command never suspects that they’re collecting intel and sending it to the Union.

In fact, Confederate President Jefferson Davis assumed that spies were working out of his home when information began spreading to enemy ears. But the women played their parts so well that he never pegged them as the moles.

The women could have lost their freedom or even their lives had one soldier suspected them as traitors. But in the end, they were able to gather so much information that General Ulysses S. Grant credited their spy ring as being a major reason behind the North’s victory.

The Gray House is an untold true story of three amazingly brave abolitionist heroes of the Civil War, who just happened to be women. Having a passion for history, it’s always personally fulfilling to share richly layered stories about America’s unsung heroes,” Costner said. “I’m delighted to join forces with my friends Leslie Greif and Morgan Freeman with whom I’ve had great success to produce this important, epic saga.”