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Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Reveals Most Difficult Role He’s Ever Played

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Famous Actor Kevin Costner, Yellowstone‘s John Dutton, answered questions from fans Thursday evening, revealing his favorite roles.

Costner asks fans to text him questions and says he will pick some and answer them. One fan asks him about his most challenging role over the span of his lengthy career.

“Hi Mr. Costner! Really enjoy your work!” the fan starts out. “For Love of the Game is my favorite but Yellowstone is climbing quickly. What would you say was your most difficult role and why?”

Costner Talks Most Challenging Role

Costner responds quickly with a 2007 psychological thriller movie in which he plays the lead role.

“Steve, I think my most difficult role was playing the lead character in Mr. Brooks,” he says. “The subject matter is despicable but something happened that can only happen in great writing. A window of empathy and understanding took hold and I was drawn into the story. And while the subject remains as described I found some humanity in it that also matched and entertainment value that I hope audiences find in all of the movies that I am a part of.”

Costner plays respected business man Earl Brooks in the movie. His murderous alter ego, Marshall, lurks under his family man facade, according to the Rotten Tomatoes description. In the movie, Brooks struggles with an addiction to murder. He resolves to commit just one final murder but is caught and blackmailed into committing more crimes. The film also stars Demi Moore, Dane Cook and William Hurt.

Earlier this month, Costner posted his “phone number” on social media encouraging Yellowstone fans to text him with their questions.

“You can now text me, and it’s really me!” he said. “Ask me anything about my music, movies, and other work, and I’ll respond when I can from time to time. Can’t wait to chat!”

Costner’s fans clearly jumped at the chance to interact with the Academy Award-winning actor. Learn more here.