‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Snubbed for Emmy’s 2022 Best Actor in a Drama Nomination

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone and Kevin Costner have been Emmy-snubbed once again, but the Western icon isn’t in it for the awards. It’s about respect.

With Season 4, Yellowstone became a coast-to-coast hit. “Hit” is an understatement, even, with last season breaking pretty much every standing television record set in the 21st century. The societal shift has been monumental in kind.

As someone who’s covered the show for (going on) three years now, not until 2022 have I been approached in public while sporting a Dutton Ranch hat. “You a Dutton?” a gentleman (who walked two aisles over for the question) asked me last night while browsing Tractor Supply. Caught off guard as I bought cattle feed, the discussion quickly moved to how great the show is, and how much ranchers appreciate the respect the show garners them.

But today’s snub isn’t about ranchers. It’s about that respect; a notion the majority of entertainment “elites” still aren’t onboard with. Which is odd, because the last time I was in New York, I saw more steaks on the plates of tie-wearing socialites than I did anybody else’s.

This is something the show’s lead (and bonified Hollywood leading man), Kevin Costner, has spoken to on a near-monthly basis. By Costner’s words, he’s not in Yellowstone for awards recognition. He’s in it for the power of the story; one that’s far more central to America than the majority of Emmy nominees for 2022.

“I think we’ve been doing the same work from the first season, and I think that’s number one. [That has] been really important to me,” Costner told Entertainment Tonight amidst filming Season 5. “The recognition comes. The writing has to stay strong. Keep doing what we’re doing, and then people catch up to you in your life.”

Regardless, Costner has been passed up yet again for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his work as patriarch John Dutton on Yellowstone.

Instead, the Television Academy’s voters, who I can assure you have as much knowledge of where their marbled steaks come from as I do of what makes an Emmy-worthy nomination, chose to elect the following actors/shows:

  • Jason Bateman for Ozark
  • Brian Cox for Succession
  • Lee Jung-Jae for Squid Game
  • Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul
  • Adam Scott for Severance
  • Jeremy Strong for Succession

There are a few other certifiable phenomenons on this list, to be sure. But if there was ever any question as to whether the Emmy Awards exist to reflect the American public’s choice in television – or that of Television Academy voters – it’s 2022’s nominees.

“I’ve always said, it’s not too hard to be popular. You can do a lot of things to get noticed or whatever,” Costner continued of awards recognition. “But if you’re trying to be relevant in your own life, you maybe have to be doing the things you feel like are important to you. If the world gets in sync with your life, how great is that?”

So take note, Outsiders. Popularity is the easy part. But it’s authenticity that takes dedication.

Kevin Costner will return as John Dutton for Yellowstone Season 5 this November 13.