‘Yellowstone’s Lainey Wilson Reflects on ‘Really Hard’ Season 5 Shoot

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Lainey Wilson made her “Yellowstone” debut on the Nov. 13 premiere, and she recently discussed her experiences working on the show. Specifically, she spoke about how hard it was to shoot while her dad was in the hospital.

Last week, Wilson brought her dad, Brian, to the CMA Awards after his two-month stay in the hospital. A few months ago, her father was admitted to the hospital with a fungal infection that resulted in nine surgeries over an entire month. In addition to that, he also suffered a stroke. But, according to Wilson, he’s now “doing great.”

Of bringing her father to the CMAs, Wilson said, “This is a big moment for me and my family.” She admitted to Country Now, “He went through some medical issues this year and we thought we were gonna lose him. And he’s been working really hard so he could get back up on his feet and do this with me. Because crazy thing is, this was actually his dream when he was a little boy […] So he’s been living a little bit vicariously through me and it’s gonna be an exciting moment for me to be able to share that with him and my family. We’ve got tons of things to celebrate.”

But before the CMAs, and before her father was out of the hospital and on the mend, Lainey Wilson had to film “Yellowstone.” All while her father was undergoing surgery after surgery. She spoke to Express about the ordeal of filming with her father in such a vulnerable state, and how hard that was for her.

Lainey Wilson Talks Filming ‘Yellowstone’ While Her Father Was in the Hospital

“While I was filming pretty much my entire part of Yellowstone, my dad was super sick,” she revealed. “He was in the hospital in Houston, Texas for two months and he ended up going to rehab for three weeks, and now he is actually home and healing.”

She continued, sharing that she and her family actually got bad news while she was out filming in Montana. “But while we were in the middle of filming,” she said, “the doctors were telling us ‘This ain’t good, you pretty much need to tell him bye’.”

She admitted that she had a lot on her mind while filming. But, she said, she knew her father would want her to continue the job and see it through. “It was really hard for me to get in the zone and pretend that my personal family life was not hurting,” she said. “I know he would want me to pull up my bootstraps and I know that he would want me to keep on going. He wouldn’t have it any other way, so I would do a scene and I would go over to the corner at times and I would cry. And I would come back and do it again and I just had to get through it. I felt I had to let out those feelings and emotions just so you couldn’t see it on camera.”