’Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Talks Traveling to National Parks in an Airstream With His Wife

by Shelby Scott

The United States has no lack of national parks and actor Luke Grimes has been lucky enough to see a handful of his favorite in-between filming for new seasons of the Taylor Sheridan-created neo-Western, Yellowstone. Now, with season five just a few more months away, and fans dying to know what Grimes’ character Kayce saw in his vision quest, the Yellowstone star has spoken out about traveling in an Airstream with his wife Bianca and his experience seeing some of the country’s most iconic national parks.

“All of our national parks are special in their own way,” the Yellowstone star told Country Living. However, unsurprisingly, Grimes has a few favorites though he said one of the best by far is Zion National Park. “It’s like you took Yosemite and put it on Mars. Everything’s red.”

How Luke Grimes Found Home in the Middle of a National Park:

Luke Grimes’ trips to our nation’s national parks have been made even more special as he and his wife Bianca Rodrigues decided to stay in their retro Airstream camper. Ultimately, that puts national park visitors in the middle of some of the United States’ most breathtaking views.

“I told my wife,” the Yellowstone actor shared with the outlet, “‘If you see a place you like, we can think about moving there.'”

Grimes’ decision to search for home in our nation’s national parks comes after 16 years spent living in Los Angeles. And though that much time in a single place definitely allows you to grow roots, the Kayce Dutton actor hardly had second thoughts about moving to Montana.

“As soon as we parked in Montana,” he told the outlet, ” she said, ‘This place, obviously.'”

There’s certainly a lot to love about Montana, as is evidenced across four adrenaline-pumping seasons of Yellowstone. However, as a longtime LA resident Luke Grimes said there is one thing that’s a little frustrating about living in the Midwestern state.

“You can’t get anything delivered,” the actor quipped. “There’s no Postmates out here.”

Luke Grimes to Put Out Country Album Amid Work on ‘Yellowstone’

As he revealed during his recent interview with Country Living, Luke Grimes is a busy guy. Aside from acting, the Yellowstone star also has some serious singing chops and, in discussing his new Montana home, he revealed he’ll soon be putting out a brand new country album.

Sadly, he didn’t reveal too much, although he did talk a little bit about his roots in country music.

Originally from Ohio, Grimes explained, “The first place I moved…was New York City.” As a talented and longtime drummer though, the actor explained, “Having a drum set in New York is impossible—your neighbors would kill you—so I got a guitar and started teaching myself chords.”

Seemingly, that new skill led the Yellowstone star on a sudden track to his upcoming country album.

“It’s been a part of my life ever since,” the seasoned actor said of his guitar. “If I have an acting gig, I always have a guitar. And not just because I’m working on an album. It’s always been a little buddy that I can take around anywhere.”

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