’Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Once Revealed a Surprising Detail About Walker’s Clothes

by Megan Molseed

The Paramount Network hit series Yellowstone has been an impressive mega-hit since its release four seasons ago. The modern western series – often termed to be a “neo-Western” stars the iconic movie star Kevin Costner as the owner of the Yellowstone Ranch and the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton. 

The series largely centers around Costner’s John Dutton and his family. During the series, the Duttons and the dedicated Yellowstone ranch hands and leaders fight battles with a variety of threats to their way of life. From struggles with land developers, nearby reservations, government figures…or even each other, the Yellowstone crew is always facing some sort of adversary in the struggle to maintain the Dutton family legacy. 

And, in doing so, there are a lot of tricks that the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan works on to maintain the grittiness of the series. Including bringing a sense of reality to each of the characters…good bad or in between. This is evident in a variety of the show’s features, including the wardrobe of Ryan Bingham’s character, Walker. 

Yellowstone’s Cast Of Characters Brings Us A Complex Mix Of Heroes And Villians

Ever since the show premiered in 2018, Taylor Sheridan’s hit has done well giving us a cast of characters that are layered in complexity. Some are villains, some are heroes…and many switch between these two absolutes. Regularly shocking viewers with bold moves both good and bad. 

One of these characters is no doubt Ryan Bingham’s ex-convict character Walker. Walker was brought onto the Dutton ranch as a ranch hand. Walker was recruited fresh out of prison by Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler. 

Ryan Bingham’s Walker may be the source of much of Yellowstone’s impressive music catalog. However, he is consistently a character that fans love to hate. Primarily because of the tension between himself and other Yellowstone ranch hands. However, love him or hate him, few can argue the fact that Bingham’s portrayal of the Yellowstone cowboy is an authentic one. 

Ryan Bingham Brings His Own Element To Walker…Even His Cowboy Gear

During an interview, Ryan Bingham reveals that he wears a lot of his own clothes when portraying Walker in the popular series. This, the Yellowstone star says, includes Walker’s signature cowboy hat. 

“Yeah, a lot of the clothes I brought myself,” Ryan Bingham explains. However, the star adds that while many of the accessories such as the hat, the boots…and even the jeans are all his, there are pieces that are not his own. And, the star jokingly laments, he doesn’t get to keep those. 

It’s no surprise that Bingham would bring his own threads to the set of Yellowstone. After all, he is one of the many real-life horse riders and cowboys series creator Taylor Sheridan was happy to cast in the show. 

“To have him on Yellowstone is a gift,” Taylor Sheridan says of Bingham. “He is the graveled voice of this generation’s cowboys and poets.”