‘Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan on Working with Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren for ‘1932’: ‘Fantastically Insane’

by Lauren Boisvert

The main stars for Taylor Sheridan‘s “1932” have been cast, and they’re two definite powerhouses of acting; Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, undeniably two of the best in the last, say, 4 decades. Now, they’re working with Taylor Sheridan, who is undeniably the best in today’s Western genre. Together, the three will create the sequel to the prequel; “1932” will continue the story of the Dutton family past “1883,” after they’ve settled in Paradise Valley and built the ranch.

In a recent interview with Sunday Morning, Sheridan expressed his true feelings about working with Ford and Mirren on his next “Yellowstone” project. “It’s ludicrous that I’m working with these people,” he said. “It’s fantastically insane.”

Not that insane; he roped Hollywood star Kevin Costner into playing John Dutton on “Yellowstone,” and now everyone is clamoring to work with him on his next Western. It’s exciting, sure, but really no surprise that big names like Ford and Mirren want to work with him. He’s created a legacy franchise, one that will live on way past its ending. People love Sheridan’s brand of Western; it’s gritty, raw, and violent. It romanticizes and dramatizes real issues, turns real problems up to eleven, and sometimes even slips the rose-colored glasses over our eyes. It’s a soap opera, essentially, but it plays out like real life. That’s the power that Taylor Sheridan has in his writing.

Taylor Sheridan Talks Going from Bit Acting Parts to an Oscar-Nominated Screenplay

Taylor Sheridan started out as an actor; most notably, he played Deputy David Hale on “Sons of Anarchy.” But, aside from a 21 episode run on “SOA,” and 5 episodes on “Veronica Mars,” Sheridan wasn’t really going anywhere with this acting thing. He was told he wasn’t leading man material, and so he turned to writing instead.

When asked what kept him going in the acting world, Sheridan replied, “I think stubbornness, a refusal to fail. An interesting thing about Hollywood is, if you let it, and if you listen, it will tell you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.”

He continued, “I had never seen anyone bang their head against the wall for 20 years, and then make it. I’ve never seen it. I’ve seen it take 8 years, I’ve seen it take 10 years. But I’ve never seen it take 20.” And that’s exactly what Sheridan was doing in the acting world; banging his head against the wall. Then, he said, a friend of his brought him a project to write.

“I said, look, I have no idea how to do this, but I have a 15-year education on how not to do it,” he said. “First thing that I wrote was ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’ And I sat down and I wrote the first episode in about 10 hours. And when I was done I said, man I wish I had done this 15 years ago.”

The rest is history. “Yellowstone,” “1883,” “1932,” “Mayor of Kingstown,” “Hell or High Water,” “Sicario,” “Wind River,” the list goes on and on. He has about 9 projects in the works, and it seems like he announces a new one every month. But, overall, that’s just a testament to Taylor Sheridan’s work ethic.