You Can Be an Extra in ‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser & Morgan Freeman’s New Movie: Here’s How

by Courtney Blackann

If fans of “Yellowstone” are interested in getting up close and personal with actor Cole Hauser, there’s a chance to be featured as an extra in his upcoming film. The new movie, “The Minute You Wake Up Dead” will be filming in Canton, MS – and they’re in need of some more people.

According to Vicksburg News, the new thriller is a dark comedy featuring both Cole Hauser and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. The site encourages adults to apply for the job which will pay $120 for 12 hours of work. We know it’s not the greatest – but it’s a chance to be a part of the film industry for a day.

In order to be considered, here’s what the Lion’s Gate production team is looking for:

“Seeking Extras for the film (townspeople, diner patrons, law enforcement, etc.) Primarily we are in need of adults, 18 years up to seniors. We could also love a few kids and teens, preferably “real families” who may want to work together for the day. No babies or toddlers needed.”

And while there’s no guarantee, it would definitely be a learning experience! Full details here.

Cole Hauser on Playing “Yellowstone’s” Rip Wheeler

Cole Hauser is most famous for his portrayal of Rip Wheeler on Taylor Sheridan’s Western drama “Yellowstone.” And in the four years that he’s taken on the character, Rip has become somewhat of an icon following the show’s success.

The actor loves playing the stern yet stoic cowboy who finds a tenderness with his love Beth Dutton. And Hauser opened up about playing the many different versions of Rip and why he’s such a lovable character.

“Taylor Sheridan leaves the audience thinking. Whether you end with romance, death or destruction, he’s wonderful at keeping you on the edge of your seat. That’s why the show has been so successful,” Hauser says.

Further, the creator himself discussed the show’s success and why people are responding to it.

“I think one of the reasons the critics haven’t responded to Yellowstone is that I’m breaking a lot of story rules,” Sheridan says. “I’ll jump the plot ahead for no reason whatsoever except that I wanted to, and it’s entertaining. The people who get it eat it up, and the people that try to look at it with a critical eye see a mess.”

He also adds: “But that’s what I love about Yellowstone, the way that it flows from being campy to melodramatic to intensely dramatic to violent. It’s every old western and new western and soap opera thrown together in a blender. And yes, I think it infuriates and confounds some people who study storytelling. They don’t understand why this thing’s such a hit.”