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‘Twister’ Sequel Makes a Major Decision Ahead of Starting Production

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images / Handout)

For weeks now fans of the 1996 epic action-drama film Twister have been excited about the news of a sequel to the movie is finally in the works. Now, those behind the upcoming flick have announced a major decision in connection to this big news. This beg news? Director Lee Isaac Chung is in talks to direct the film.

Lee Isaac Chung’s Name Comes Out After Several Top Directors Vie For Twister Sequel

The announcement made earlier this fall notes that the film is heading into production early next year. Since then, multiple well-known directors have been vying for the project. Now, according to reports, director Lee Isaac Chung is in early talks to helm the long-awaited sequel.

The film, which has an early project name Twisters is being developed by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. The company behind the original 1996 production, Warner Bros., is co-financing the film. Mark L. Smith is developing the official script for the Twister sequel. Frank Marshall is producing the upcoming project via Kennedy/Marshall.

The original 1996 film stars Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton. Twister was a massive hit almost as soon as it hit the theater. The movie brought in a whopping $494 million worldwide. Twister remains a well-known project for its groundbreaking special effects that blew audiences away for the time. Speed director Jan de Bont directed the original Twister production. While the great Steven Spielberg served as the blockbuster film’s executive producer. Longtime author Michael Chrichton developed this original screenplay.

The Initial Plot Of The Upcoming Film Has Already Been Developed

Initially, those behind the upcoming sequel, including Steven Spielberg, loved the script delivered by Mark L. Smith. And they green-lighted the Twister sequel production to start in spring 2023. According to reports, the sequel brings back OG star Helen Hunt. The film will focus on the daughter Hunt’s character has with the late Bill Paxton’s Twister character. It seems the daughter of these two storm chasers has the same storm-chasing bug as her parents.

Chung is known for his Oscar-nominated drama called Minari. The upcoming Twister sequel project would be Chung’s first time working on a major “big-budget” film. However, the director is no stranger to twisters. The Arkansas native grew up on a rural farm and spent plenty of time in cellars as tornados blew through the area. According to the reports, this personal connection to the weather phenomenon is part of what executives behind the film loved about the director.