‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Jon Cryer Mourns Loss of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Actress Dawn Wells

by Will Shepard

Dawn Wells, who starred on Gilligan’s Island, passed away after her fight with Covid-19 on December 30. All over the world, people are mourning her death. One person, in particular, Jon Cryer, is clearly taking the death to heart.

On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Dawn Wells. Even though it is a short snippet, it perfectly encapsulates the Two and Half Men’s feelings about her.

Jon Cryer and Dawn Wells got the chance to meet on the set of “Two and a Half Men” a number of years ago. Certainly, the two had a wonderful meeting and likely had been friends ever since then.

Wells died at the age of 82, after reportedly testing positive for Covid-19. During this pandemic, a number of stars have passed with Wells being the latest.

During her time on Gilligan’s Island, she played Mary Ann on the castaway sitcom. Her publicist said on Wednesday that she passed away peacefully.

“[Dawn Wells was] in no pain as a result of complications due to [coronavirus.]”

Dawn Wells’ Career

Wells was born in Nevada and represented the state in the 1959 Miss America competition. Before joining Gilligan’s Island, she was in several shows and a movie.

She began her career with ABC’s The Roaring 20s. Then, she was featured in the movie, The New Interns. Afterward, she had parts in a lot of television shows. Those shows include The Joey Bishop Show77 Sunset StripThe Cheyenne ShowMaverick, Hawaiian Eye, and Bonanza.

Consequently, her career took off, and she won the Mary Ann role in Gilligan’s Island over more than 350 people. She starred in the show for three years. Despite her short time on the show, she is known internationally and still enjoys its success.

After her death, Cryer was not the only person to share their thoughts on the iconic star’s death. William Shatner offered his condolences to the Wells family. Also, Jane Lynch penned a sweet message writing in part, “Bon voyage, Mary Ann.”