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Tyler Farr, Jason Aldean Host Fishing Tournament On Luke Bryan’s Property

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Thunder USA)

Tyler Farr and Jason Aldean took full advantage of their buddy being out of town and hosted a “Big Bass Tournament” on Luke Bryan‘s property. The entire event was shown in an episode of Buck Commander’s Youtube series.

“So here’s the deal. Luke’s not in town,” Tyler Farr says to the camera. “So we’re doing a fishing tournament. Where at? Luke’s.”

In the episode, two teams compete in the competition. “Team Can’t Get Right”: Tombo and Jason’s brother-in-law Hunter versus “Team Sunshine”: Jason and Tyler.

The rules are simple: who can catch the most fish. Size and weight mean nothing, the number of fish caught determines the winner. As the competition commences, Team Can’t Get Right immediately takes the lead. Soon after, though, Jason reels one in to tie it up, 1-1.

As the night comes to a close, the four pull their boats in to compare catches. Tyler Farr turns back to the camera and fills viewers in on the outcome. “So Tombo and Hunter have ten fish to our eight..um, I guess we didn’t win,” he says. “Honestly I’m not sure any of us won though, because the biggest fish caught,” Farr says giving viewers an estimate with his hands, “bout that big. It was about eight inches”

He then turns it hilariously back to the property’s owner, Luke Bryan. Farr seemingly directs some blame of the poor fishing day towards his friend, Luke. “So Luke, one heck of an establishment you got here buddy. Primetime.”