Tyler Perry Officially a Billionaire Now

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Tran / Stringer/ Getty Images)

Tyler Perry is America’s newest billionaire.

The Atlanta-based writer, producer, and actor often tell stories about forgotten Black Americans. He is best known for the 11 Madea films that he starred in, directed, and produced. The Madea franchise alone made roughly $615 million.

Forbes currently estimates that Perry has a net worth of $1 billion. The producer is also said to be a show-in for America’s wealthiest people, an exclusive honor that had a threshold of $2.1 billion last year.

Perry says that his work ethic and strategy comes from Oprah Winfrey. This hard work paid off, allowing him to generate $1.4 billion since 2005, before taxes.

The multifaceted businessman is only one of a few to build his whole fortune from the entertainment industry. Perry is also the seventh Black billionaire in America.

Perry enjoys the finer things in life and likes to use his money to buy homes in various locations. He has homes in New York, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Atlanta. He travels to these homes on one of his two private planes.

Perry’s Early Life

Perry was born and raised in New Orleans. Perry might be successful now, however his childhood was not a happy one, being plagued by abuse and poverty.

After years of writing down his thoughts in letters to himself, Perry decided to write his first play, “I Know I’ve Been Changed” in 1992. After a series of empty theaters, the play gained traction six years later and sold-out shows. The producer wrote 13 plays over the next 13 years.

In 2005, Tyler Perry began his movie career with “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, which climbed to number one in the US.

Only a year later, Perry came out with his first book Don’t Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries On Life And Love. In addition, the book became a New York Times bestseller for eight weeks straight.

The next year, 2007, Perry branched out once again, tapping into television. The TBS series “House of Payne” became the highest-rated first-run syndicated cable show of all time.

His studio has already been the home base for over 15 films and 800 episodes from Perry’s five television series.

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