Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Personally Thanks Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher for Fundraising Efforts

by Matthew Memrick

Embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher for their fundraising efforts on Monday.

Zelenskyy said the power couple’s efforts raised more than $30 million to help Ukrainians in his daily statement.  

Kutcher retweeted Zelenskyy’s Twitter message with a photo of the trio in conversation. His Ukrainian-born wife, Kunis, also retweeted the image. The couple, however, did not comment on the post.

The Huffington Post reported on the Twitter moment.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy Thankful for Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s Help

The actor-turned-president is among the world’s best-known leaders at the moment. The world has paid attention to his country’s plight after Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered soldiers to invade.

Zelenskyy’s calls for help to countries and individuals did not go unnoticed, with Kunis and Kutcher answering the calls for help.

The two “were among the first to respond to our grief,” Zelenskyy noted in the tweet. “They have already raised $35 million … to help refugees.”

Zelenskyy said he was “grateful for their support,” calling their determination “impressive” and their acts to Ukrainians “inspirational.”

The president said he spoke with the couple in his Monday statement. He said he talked to United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the American couple that same day.

He added that they “sincerely believe in us, in our victory, (and) in our future.”

Star Couple’s Fundraising Efforts Help Refugees

Zelenskyy said the millions would go toward helping IDPs (internally displaced refugees). The president and the couple said the money came through San Francisco-based companies Flexport and Airbnb.

Flexport is a freight transportation company taking relief supplies to sites in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova. On the other hand, Airbnb will provide free, short-term housing to Ukraine refugees.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, 3,389,044 Ukraine people have fled the country since Feb. 24.

The president said he thanked Kunis and Kutcher “on behalf of our people, on behalf of all of us.”

At first, the couple promised to match $3 million in donations to help fleeing Ukrainians. The couple had a goal of close to $20 million in one week.

But more contributions came. The acts of kindness stunned the couple, and they were “overwhelmed with gratitude” from 65,000 people.

Last Thursday, the couple told the world they met their $30 million goal in an Instagram post. But then, they said they decided to keep fundraising.

“Our work is not done,” Kutcher said in the post. “Please don’t stop donating,” said Kunis. “This is just the beginning of a very, very long journey.” 

According to CNN, other stars joined in the relief efforts. Another entertainment power couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, also pledged to match donations for the refugees. Israeli model Gigi Hadid also pledged to donate her fashion month earnings to the effort.