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‘Uncharted’ Star Speaks on Knowing ‘How to Handle a Gun’ After Filming the Movie

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Recently, “Uncharted” star Sophia Ali sat down to talk about the new film, which hit theaters on February 18. She spoke about what it was like working with Tom Holland of “Spider-Man” fame; what some of the stunts were like; and her favorite moments from filming.

First of all, what is “Uncharted” about? Well, it’s based off the series of video games by the same name, which follow the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. The film was more like a prequel to the games, and features Nathan’s rise to treasure hunting. It shows how he got into the profession, and how he meets Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Sully takes Nathan under his wing, and teaches him about treasure hunting. It’s a wild, action-packed, “Indiana Jones”-style adventure with lots of dangerous stunts and plenty of treasure.

Sophia Ali played Chloe Frazer, fellow treasure hunter and all around badass. So, what did the star have to say about “Uncharted”?

When asked about her experience making a big-budget film like “Uncharted,” Ali told ScreenRant, “I’ve never really made a movie like ‘Uncharted’ before, and nowhere near this kind of budget. I knew it was going to be different already from anything else I’ve experienced, so I’m not entirely sure how different it was from what it regularly would be like.” She also mentioned the COVID-19 precautions the set took, as it was filmed at the height of the pandemic.

She also spoke about her favorite scene to film. “My favorite was the cargo plane sequence,” she said. “There was a lot of anticipation and build-up around it, and also Chloe was firing a gun. I was really nervous about that, as one would be, but I felt so badass shooting that thing. I was never like ‘I know how to handle a gun now,’ I was very, very cautious.” She said that that scene was what really made her feel like her character.

Sophia Ali Talks About Starring in ‘Uncharted’

Ali also noted that most of the movie was filmed in the studio. Only a few scenes filmed on location. “We did do some stuff on location, like specifically in Barcelona,” she said. “But we mostly shot in a big studio in Berlin and they built all of the sets. A lot of the scenes where you’d think there would be blue screen are on a set. We had a really talented set designer and there was such intricate detail with everything, I was stunned walking onto set.”

Additionally, she mentioned that she played the video games before filming. For her, the games influenced her character choices for Chloe. “I think before, I kind of wanted to make her more layered and have spots of vulnerability and have some internal conflict,” Ali stated. “But, then I played the games and I realized that Chloe is not thinking about it really, she’s just that badass. I think there’s a lot of value in portraying a woman like that. I’m excited for people to acknowledge how strong she is versus how great it is she got past barriers or boulders or vulnerabilities and stuff, she’s just strong through.”