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Use These Hidden Netflix Features to Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

by Megan Molseed
(Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A lot is going on with our streaming services nowadays. There are plenty to choose from for sure, and many of them have some fun features that we haven’t even realized yet, such as some fun Netflix hacks that can help users get more out of their regular subscription.

Netflix is certainly one of the most popular go-to streaming services out there. With plenty of shows to stream – classic and original – as a seemingly unending selection of movies from pretty much any genre, Netflix does offer something for everyone. Including some hidden features that will make our regular subscriptions even better.

Hidden Features to Try That Will Make the Most Out of Our Streaming Subscription

One of the hidden gems featured in our subscriptions to this popular streaming service includes a series of games that can be accessed via Android as well as the IOS app. All you need to do to access these features is simply open the Netflix app and search “games.” Then, the games selection should pop up.

From a bowling game to dominoes, to a knitting kittens game, or even a Stranger Things option, the Netflix game selection certainly holds up its reputation as having something for everyone! All you need to do is select the game you wish to play and click the “Get Game” option to install.

A Netflix Viewing Party You Say?

During the pandemic, many streaming services began offering online viewing party options. This became popular, of course, because it was a wonderful way for people to connect with friends and family for movie night fun while staying tucked safely in their own homes.

To access this Netflix Party viewing option, all viewers need to do is download an easy-to-use extension offered by Google Chrome. Through this extension, a Netflix subscriber can create a sharable link that others can click on. This extension will allow a Netflix customer to watch the streaming service with others. Even if they are not within the same household.

This fun feature also includes a handy chat feature. Because, what is a Netflix movie night without the ability to discuss what is happening on the screen? The discussion is a big part of movie night, right?

Let The Streaming Service Pick For You

Netflix certainly offers a vast catalog of viewing choices; from original series options to classic television shows, our favorite blockbusters, or original Netflix films. However, some may find that it’s not always the easiest task deciding on what to watch. So, if you’re struggling with this decision, Netflix has offered up a “random” button – or “Netflix Roulette” – for users to help them choose. This feature even lets users filter the options by genre or even IMDB ratings to help with the search.

Secret Codes

While on the topic of secret Netflix hacks, one must always mention secret code opportunities. Netflix offers a selection of these codes that will offer up a variety of hidden categories on the service. From a vast catalog of genres such as “classic Westerns;” “classic war movies;” or even “anime” options, these codes open up a lot of options for multiple viewing preferences. Although, these codes change quite often, so regular internet searches are the best way to track these options down.