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Valerie Bertinelli Shares Her Pride for Her Son in Latest Wolf Van Halen Post

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Like father, like son. Wolf Van Halen has followed in his late father Eddie’s footsteps, embracing his rock and music heritage. And Wolf’s mother Valerie Bertinelli couldn’t be prouder of her son. Parents love to post and brag about their children’s accomplishments.

Whereas some children grow up to be doctors or lawyers, Van Halen is touring with and opening for legendary rock group Guns ‘n Roses. Not too shabby of an accomplishment if Outsider must say so. Bertinelli affectionately dubbed her Instagram account Wolfiesmom. And she recently posted a picture of Van Halen absolutely shredding the guitar. She wrote: “Look at em’ go!!”

It’s been a tough time for both Bertinelli and Wolf Van Halen. Van Halen lost his father Eddie last October after a bout with cancer. Since then, Van Halen has struggled to deal with his grief. In a recent social media post, Wolf Van Halen said it’s been particularly hard lately.

“I’ve had so many dreams lately where Pop and I are just doing normal things and then I realize it’s a dream,” he wrote. “Stop whatever I’m doing and hug him for as long as I can until I wake up. I miss the f–k out of him. I can’t believe he’s not here anymore. Still doesn’t feel real. I’m doing my best, Pop.”

Wolf Van Halen on Forging His Own Path

Being the son of Eddie Van Halen, one of the best guitarists in the world, can be a bit of a catch 22. Wolf embraced his musical lineage early in life and even played alongside his father for a time. He joined Eddie in a newly-minted revamp of Van Halen. But Wolf has also struggled with having a famous father as well, especially after he passed.

Critics online have accused Wolf of trying to ride Eddie’s coattails to fame. But Van Halen said he wants to focus on being his own artist rather than imitating his late father. “Instead of the next EVH, how bout I be the first WVH.”

Van Halen formed his own one-man band called Mammoth WVH. He recently released a debut album as well. Rather than cash in on his last name, he wants to succeed or fail by his own merit. Van Halen performs with bandmates Ronnie Ficarro, Garrett Whitlock, Jon Jourdan, and Frank Sidoris.

“I certainly will like it when it is on me as a person and not just me as a son, but I’ll always be there to champion my father and his legacy … definitely made a choice to not sound directly like Van Halen. I just think that would be boring if I was a carbon copy of my dad,” Wolf Van Halen said to Billboard.