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Van Halen’s Best Songs of All Time: A Deep Dive on The Iconic Tunes

by Jacklyn Krol
Daniel Knighton, Getty Images

Van Halen‘s music includes some of the most iconic rock tunes of a generation. Discover the best, most popular, and fan-favorite songs of theirs.

Van Halen’s Hits

  • “Unchained,” Fair Warning

“Unchained” really brought the grit out in the group. The 1981 record featured some of their most experimental work yet, and this song is no different. The best way to describe this song overall is a tangent between the vocalist and instrumentalists who form an epic

  • “Eruption,” Van Halen

Believe it or not, the original recorded version of “Eruption” was a mere two minutes long. The live version became roughly 13 minutes and a marathon for Eddie Van Halen who performed the mind-blowing guitar solo. Furthermore, it slowly became their signature epic moment in every concert they performed.

  • “Dance The Night Away,” Van Halen II

“Dance The Night Away” marked the band’s first Top 20 hit in the United States. With pop undertones, this also became a success with both pop and rock radio stations. Surprisingly, the song was inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” and was created when the band was in the studio humming along together.

  • “Hot For Teacher,” 1984

The band took the schoolboy fantasy and brought it to life. The song found controversy with some groups due to their music video. Arguably, the video was just as popular if not more popular than the song itself. Finally, Alex Van Halen’s drumming skills shine on this single with an overall truly rocking tone.

  • “You Really Got Me,” Van Halen

Oddly enough, their debut single was a cover of The Kinks. Some people believe that this is actually an original song of theirs. Ir reached No. 19 on the Billboard 200 and introduced them as more of a pop/rock band.

Top 3 Fan-Favorites

  • “Jump,” 1984

Who could forget “Jump?” This was the last song that Eddie Van Halen performed in concert prior to his passing. Instead of their signature guitar-heavy sound, this track is all about the keyboard and synth. The song went on to become an instant classic among both pop and rock music.

  • “Panama,” 1984

Any music fan knows this smash hit. Surprisingly, this song was written about a car. David Lee Roth shared that the inspiration came from a car he saw in Las Vegas that was called “Panama Express.” Additionally, Panama was also the name of Roth’s Opel Kadett.

  • “Runnin’ With The Devil,” Van Halen

What is potentially the band’s heaviest song is also one of their most well-known. The song was inspired by the Ohio Players’ song of the same name. The band has not revealed the inspiration or meaning of the lyrics. They came under fire for including satanic lyrics, however, looking at the lyrics it seems to be a song about freedom.