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Vanilla Ice Declares Pop Culture is Dead Thanks to Smartphones, Says 1990s Were Greatest Decade

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Santiago Felipe/WireImage)

While speaking about how great the ’90s were, rapper Vanilla Ice actually made a lot of sense when he claimed that smartphones have killed pop culture.

TMZ recently caught up with Vanilla Ice on the set of a new music video he filmed in Los Angeles. Since the set of the music video was 1990s-themed, he was asked about his favorite decade. The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper was at the height of his fame in the early ’90s, so it’s no surprise he chose the decade.

He says the ’90s were the last decade that fashion and music influenced one another. Vanilla Ice doesn’t think there has been any “cool” trends since the turn of the century. In fact, he says everything that is trendy today is just a throwback to past decades. Additionally, he blames computers and smartphones for the death of pop culture, and he makes some valid points.

“[The ’90s were] the greatest decade ever before computers ruined the world,” Vanilla Ice explained to TMZ. “You have to realize, in [2007] the iPhone came out, right? What’s happened in pop culture since [2007] to 2021? Nothing! It’s the lost generation. Pop culture’s dead. So the last generation where pop culture was alive – where you had fashion that actually mimicked the music and it kinda spread like wildfire – they can’t come out with anything cool since the ’90s.”

Vanilla Ice went on to share some examples of current trends that are throwbacks to his favorite decade. For example, he says that NBA legend Michael Jordan‘s “Air Jordan” sneaker line is as popular as ever. He references the fact that even current NBA superstar LeBron James‘ sneakers don’t outsell Jordan’s sneakers. And Jordan hasn’t played since 2003. While you can question some aspects of the rapper’s career and life choices, he has a solid argument here.

Vanilla Ice’s Kids Think He’s ‘Really Cool’ to His Own Amazement

While speaking to TMZ in the same interview, Vanilla Ice continued to touch on ’90s trends carrying over to 2021. Funny enough, he has two children in their 20s now, and they love the way he used to dress back then.

“I have a 23-year-old and 20-year-old. They actually think I’m really cool,” he said with a laugh. “They’re like, ‘Dad, you wore the coolest clothes. I love all that with neon colors and the airbrushing and the graffiti pants.'”

The interviewer also asked him if he could bring back one thing from the ’90s, what would it be?

“Hands down if I could bring anything back from the ’90s, it would be Blockbuster [Video],” Vanilla Ice said. “I used to love to get out of my house, just to get out and make an adventure of going and reading the VHS, the back of it. And see which one I wanted to come home and watch that night. It was a whole thing, you know? And that whole thing is now gone, you’re just flipping through your Netflix.”