Vanna White Opens Up About First-Ever ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Vanna White shared some thoughts on the first-ever celebrity edition of “Wheel of Fortune,” which was won by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk.

As Vanna White turned the letters, Hawk solved more puzzles than his fellow contestants. He competed against Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy and comedian Leslie Jones, who is entertaining folks with her prime-time game show.

Vanna White told Yahoo: “In a fun way they were joking. Like, ‘I wanted to be the big winner!’ Lots of money won for their favorite charities. It’s great all around.”

Wow, as Vanna White Clapped, Tony Hawk Won $173,800

The celebrities play for charity, so no one is pocketing any cash. Hawk won $173,800 for his selected charity, Feeding San Diego. Jones won $107,400 for Feeding America.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a syndicated show. But for the next eight weeks, it’ll be seen in primetime on ABC, Thursday nights. That’s why it has such a powerhouse lineup of celebrities, from old-school comedians to stars of the most popular shows on television.

According to Yahoo, the other celebrities include, in alphabetical order: Karamo BrownYvette Nicole BrownNicole ByerDrew CareyRachael Leigh CookJennie GarthChris Harrison and Teri Hatcher. The list also features Robert HerjavecJeannie MaiJoel McHaleMaria MenounosChrissy Metz, Kevin Nealon and Patton Oswalt. Rounding out the list — Paul Reubens, Alfonso RibeiroRob RiggleSherri Shepherd, Joe Tessitore and Constance Zimmer.

Host Pat Sajak Said Show Is Same, But With Fancier Set

The show filmed episodes last month. Host Pat Sajak told Entertainment Weekly that the format is the same as the non-celebrity shows.

“We’ve jazzed up the set a bit,” Sajak said. “Made it look a little more prime-timey, whatever that means. And it’s going to be a different kind of vibe. We want [the contestants] to play a good, solid game, but we’re mainly there to have fun. It’ll be a little lighter in attitude.”

Tony Hawk, the revolutionary skateboarder, won $100,000 in the final round. He quickly guessed “fried calamari” after most of the letters were revealed after selecting a pre-determined number of vowels and consonants.

Check out how easy it was for Hawk:

Shush: Vanna White Says Quiet Ones Are Big Winners

But back to Vanna White. She told Yahoo that the “quiet ones” ended up dominating the episodes.

“The ones that were more quiet came out of their shell,” White said. “The quiet ones won big.”

Vanna said her favorite celebrity probably was Chris Harrison, who hosts the reality shows “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette.” But she qualified why she said he was her favorite.

“That’s a tough question because they were all so good and they all brought something different to the table,” White said. “Maybe, I have to say, Chris Harrison was a favorite for me only because I’m a fan of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. What can I say? You know, so, that was kinda fun.”