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Video: Phil Robertson Speaks on Why He Believes ‘Voting for Trump is a No-Brainer’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson said making a choice on Nov. 3 shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, pulling the lever for President Donald Trump is a “no brainer,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch said in a new video.

That’s because, he says, quoting Founding Father John Witherspoon., “an enemy of God is an enemy of the United States.” While he doesn’t go as far as to call Joe Biden an “enemy” he does say that everyone in the Democratic Party merely pays lip service to the Bible if they mention God at all.

The litmus test for Robertson is simple. “Who is closer to Jesus Christ? Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Robertson concedes that he’s not looking for perfection. “Donald Trump is a sinful man,” he said. “Joe Biden is a sinful man. … But who’s on the right path for American. Trump.” And why? Because he’s “Pro-God, pro-life, pro self-defense, pro-second amendment pro duck hunting.”

Robertson called Biden a heathen and Democrats the heathen party. That’s because, he claims, they support “gross immorality, perversion, (and) murder of their children. And you’re going to vote for that?”

Though he didn’t explain what gross immorality and perversion referred to.

He admits that Trump could calm his temper and show more “charity, humility, and pacific temper.” Robertson said he confronted Trump after one of the recent debates to pass along that message. But, he added, he’s not voting based on personality.

Robertson Lays Out Why Trump Wins His Vote

He’s voting for Trump for many reasons.

“Policies he’s no.1, first rate,” the Duck Dynasty dad said. “Made the promises on what he would do and he did it. He slowed all this illegal migration of individuals coming into our country. He went up against China and is winning. …. North Korea he calmed that down. Middle East, he got us out of there. Helped our Jewish friends — the Israelis. He cut taxes, we’re going to get to keep more of our money. Who’s the best man for the job … putting the personalities for the job … Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It’s a no brainer.”

The United States is still fighting in the Middle East. The think tank The Brookings Institute writes the trade war with China has done more harm than help. Though it depends on how you read the numbers will determine who is gaining more. According to U.S. Border Patrol, illegal crossings remain at about the average of more than 400,000 a year following a massive spike in 2019. That year, nearly 1 million people crossed or attempted to.

Robertson says he just wants his president to be godly.

Phil Robertson Longs for Civility and Voting ‘Godly’

Phil Robertson ends his video with a call to unity. He said he wants to see America return to a place of civility.

I’m “longing for days when that we have peace instead of hatred,” he said. “Love instead of hate and wars and fighting and vengeance toward each other and mocking each other. Let’s all come together under one head — God — and at least have enough sense to vote Godly.”

And to Robertson, voting Godly means there is only one true candidate.

“I’m going with Donald J. Trump. He’s come a long way in the spiritual area …. So, I’m sticking with him.”