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Watch: Woman Arrested After Abduction Attempt of NFL Legend Joe Montana’s Granddaughter

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

A video of the arrest for the abduction attempt of Joe Montana’s nine-month-old granddaughter is circling social media platforms. The woman was taken to a Lynwood jail after trying to kidnap the child from her playpen.

The 39-year-old suspect, Sodsai Dalzell, broke into Montana’s Malibu home around 5 pm Saturday, attempting to snatch the sleeping child. According to CBS Los Angeles, Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer reportedly tried asking the woman to return the child, but a fight ensued. Jennifer eventually pried the young child from Dalzell’s arms and the suspect fled.

Thankfully, police were patrolling nearby in Montana’s neighborhood, swankily known as Billionaire’s Row. Montana was able to flag them down to explain the incident and get help, reports Daily Mail. They found and arrested Dalzell soon after.

The woman did not put up much fight to the arrest, reports a witness of the event. She was “almost more lethargic than aggressive,” the witness Jonathon Hursh says. He says the suspect seemed “disoriented” during the arrest. The witness adds that the neighborhood is small and close-knit, saying “everybody looks out for each other.”

CBS Los Angeles, KCAL gives a peak at the arrest in this video:

Joe Montana posted to Twitter on Sunday, thanking followers for everyone’s concerns about the “scary situation.” He says he appreciates everyone’s respect for the family’s privacy.

The Montanas did not know nor recognize the kidnapping suspect. CBS L.A. reports she faces charges of “suspicion of kidnapping and burglary” as well as a $150,000 bail.

Daily Mail reports the suspect Sodsai Dalzell will appear in court on Tuesday.