Video: Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Admits He’s Not ‘Sure What Justice League Is’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Sorry comic book fans, Kevin Costner isn’t among your ranks. In a recent Sirius XM interview, the star reveals he has no idea what Justice League actually is!

In a recent interview on Sirius XM, Costner is interviewed alongside frequent co-star Diane Lane. Both, comic book fans will know, played Clark Kent’s (Superman’s) parents in MAN OF STEEL, and the sequel BATMAN vs SUPERMAN.

The interviewer, Andy Cohen, has both present to promote their new film entitled Let Him Go. But when Cohen asks Costner if he’ll be in Zack Snyder’s upcoming HBO director’s cut of Justice League, Costner draws an absolute blank.

“I’m not even sure what Justice League is. Is that a movie?” the star asks. He has played Jonathan Kent in two films – but if this interview is anything to go on – the rework of Justice League won’t be his third.

Hilariously, Diane Lane tries to get her co-star back on track. But he’s still completely lost.

“You think I’m kidding. That’s the problem. Is that a Marvel thing? I don’t know,” he says of Justice League with a smile.

Kevin Costner may, however, be more familiar with Marvel movies than DC fare like Justice League because of his kinship with the late Chadwick Boseman.

Kevin Costner Knows More Marvel than DC

Yellowstone legend Kevin Costner, like many, is still feeling the loss of Chadwick Boseman. Boseman, a prolific modern actor and truly brilliant talent and soul, tragically left us after passing of colon cancer. As he kept his battle private, fans were absolutely shocked and devastated by his surprising – and seemingly immediate – loss.

The world will never forget Boseman, however. Colleagues like Costner are keeping his legacy alive. In another recent interview, Coster has loving praise for the late Black Panther star and his body of work – including his iconic Marvel superhero.

“He was just a very available young man,” Costner smiles of Boseman. “He was so thoughtful. Such a loss.”

Costner goes on to say that it was the way Boseman “conducted himself that’s living on. We need to understand that how we conduct ourselves is equally important to the things that we maybe never accomplish. Or to the things that we feel we need to accomplish.”

“it’s just how we – conduct ourselves. That’s a mirror we want to be able to stare back into.” And to Kevin Costner, Boseman was the absolute pinnacle of these traits.

Costner fans can look forward to his return to the small screen with Yellowstone Season 4 in 2021.