‘The View’: Meghan McCain Claims She’d Rather ‘Eat a Muddy Tire’ Than Keep Up With Royal Family

by Halle Ames

Not to be dramatic or anything, but pass the muddy tire… Meghan McCain claims she refuses to keep up with the royal family. 

You heard that analogy correctly. The View co-host said she would rather chow down on a “muddy tire” than keep up with the antics of the British royal. 

Today, while on the talk show, Meghan McCain claims she couldn’t care less about the royals, calling them “boring.”

“I would literally rather eat a muddy tire than watch or have anything with Camila and [Prince] Charles,” she joked on today’s episode of The View. “I find them like the most boring people in the world, and I can say that cause I’m an American.”

McCain made the bold claim after historian Hilary Mantel joined the show. Mantel notes that soon, the royals will not be as prominent of public figures as they are right now. While Meghan agrees, she says her issues stem from the scandal behind the royals family’s drama with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry distanced themselves from the family. In March, the couple joined Oprah for an exclusive interview into what happened behind the palace walls. Markle claims she was depressed and suffered constant harassment and racism about their children from unidentified sources. 

The couple fled to California, Markle’s home state, where they raise their son Archie and have a daughter on the way.

Meghan McCain feels as though other Americans are as outraged as she is. 

“I know people love Queen Elizabeth, and she’s a legacy, but I don’t like the way they treated Meghan Markle and Harry,” McCain said.” I think that Americans are pretty protective of them right now because she went over there, tried to help modernize something that’s — in my perspective — old, archaic, and deeply irrelevant, And now [Meghan] came back here. I’m just glad they have a safe space where they can live their lives the way they want to.”

Meghan McCain Isn’t Alone

It appears that Meghan McCain isn’t alone with her thoughts. Joy Behar, another co-host on The View, comments on other royal members, saying they aren’t as interesting as Prince Harry and Meghan.  

“Prince William is sweet but kind of boring. Kate [Middeton] is lovely but — nobody’s really excited about them, and they got rid of the two who were really the upstarts. [Harry and Meghan] were the two that were going to give this some juice. I don’t think that England is ready to be stuck with Charles and Camila. The monarchy could really go the way of the Whig Party.”

Nearly a month ago, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband for over seven decades, passed away at the age of 99.