Vin Diesel Approached John Cena Multiple Times Before Offering Him ‘F9’ Role

by Shelby Scott

John Cena shared his excitement at being approached by Vin Diesel to play Dom Torreto’s younger brother in F9. Across the previous eight installments of the Fast & Furious, fans watch as the beloved cast confronts a host of both personal and, what we’ll call, professional roadblocks. However, Cena is excited for the latest movie’s premiere as he plays Dominic Toretto’s long-lost brother, Jakob Toretto.

Cena, a celebrity icon himself, expressed much gratitude at being approached by actor and producer, Vin Diesel. “It’s all surreal, man,” he commented in an article shared by Entertainment Times. He further described it as a kind of miracle.

“I was approached to meet Vin on multiple occasions,” he shared. “[Diesel] just wanted to get to talk and get to know me,” which led to him approaching Cena about the latest F&F film.

He further shared thoughts toward the event and Vin Diesel himself as the article progressed. He claimed the fact that someone simply wanted him to meet Diesel was “mythical” alone. To picture such a popular actor and athlete star-struck is a view we don’t normally get in the world of celebrities.

John Cena’s ‘Jakob’ Serves as a Foil to Vin Diesel’s ‘Dom’ in F9

As readers, not only did we get the inside scoop as to how Cena will be appearing in F9 this August. Cena also gave fans a little sneak peek as to what to expect from the new movie.

The patriarch of the Fast & Furious series, Dom Toretto, finally meets his match as he encounters long-lost younger brother, Jakob in F9. Jakob, played by Cena, is shaping up to be a “stronger, faster, [and] more intelligent” version of Dom. Jakob returns with a burning vengeance toward his older brother. It appears Dom will face his most challenging battle yet, as Jakob carries Dom’s qualities in a greater capacity.

Cena brings up an interesting point about his character and it’s the fact that Jakob also represents Dom’s past. An obstacle Dom struggles with throughout the entirety of the franchise, Cena believes viewers may rather literally interpret the plot. “You truly can’t run away from your past,” Cena said. While running from our problems is something both this cast and humans do naturally, it looks like that option might no longer be viable for the quick-witted Dom.

From ‘F9’ Back to His WWE Roots

In addition to his F9 premiere, Cena spent many months growing his career both as an athlete and an actor.

Just last night he made a surprising return to WWE during the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event. A WWE hallmark, Cena fans went wild at his return at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, TX. Check out the wild video here.

Cena has also picked up a role as Wipeout‘s latest host while dipping his toe into other famous franchises such as The Suicide Squad and other upcoming films.