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Vince Neil Rushed to Hospital After Tumbling Off Stage During Concert

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Vince Neil hasn’t performed with Motley Crue for years. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not still on the road. In fact, he and his band have been rocking stages across the country in recent years. In August, was in Nashville for the Music City Grand Prix. Neil shared the stage with Jamey Johnson, Brooks & Dunn, and others that night. Last night, October 15, Neil played the Monster on the Mountain Festival in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He left that show in an ambulance.

According to TMZ, Vince Neil and his band were only a few songs deep in the set. At that point, the former Motley Crue vocalist stepped to the front of the stage and suddenly fell off. He dropped four feet onto the concrete below. The sixty-year-old rocker didn’t see a gap between his monitors and the stage and stepped right into it.

At this point, no one is sure how bad Vince Neil’s injuries are. However, his crew thinks that he broke some ribs in the fall. Luckily, his roadie and a member of the festival’s security staff acted quickly. They helped the clearly hurting rocker to his feet. At that point, Neil was able to limp away from the stage.

An ambulance took Vince Neil to a nearby hospital where doctors examined him and took X-rays. Neil’s camp hasn’t released the results of those X-rays yet. However, we do know that he is alert and should be on the mend soon.

The Worst Thing About Vince Neil’s Fall

In recent years, Vince Neil has struggled on stage. Several people have criticized him for lackluster performances. Many go to a show to see Neil perform like he did with Crue in the past. However, at sixty years old, he’s not as spry as he once was. Additionally, he has canceled at least one show mid-set after his voice gave out during his performance.

However, Vince Neil was putting on one hell of a show Friday night in Pigeon Forge. This makes his fall that much worse. He was really hitting his stride when he was rushed away in an ambulance.

There are some silver linings, though. Like most hair metal stars, Vince Neil has struggled with substance abuse in the past. For him and his former bandmates, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll were a way of life. However, those close to him say that Neil was sober last night. His fall was purely an accident. That’s good to hear.

Additionally, his band didn’t pull the plug on their set. According to the TMZ report, they continued playing as Neil limped away to get medical attention. That alone shows the kind of dedication that Vince Neil and his band have for their fans. Here’s hoping Vince heals up quickly and gets back on the road.