Wade Bowen Just Released One of the Best Country Albums of 2022: ‘Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth’

by Jim Casey
(photo by David McClister)

Wade Bowen just released one of the best country albums of 2022, which, if you read the article title, you already know. Wade’s Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth, which dropped today (Aug. 12), joins Hailey Whitters’ Raised, Zach Bryan’s American Heartbreak, Whiskey Myers’ Tornillo, and John Anderson’s tribute album among my favorite projects of 2022.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise to longtime fans of Wade. He has been tearing up the highway for more than 20 years. Along the way, the Texas troubadour has released a dozen or so albums, including seven studio albums, two live projects, a gospel album, and, of course, a couple of Hold My Beer albums with longtime Texas compadre Randy Rogers.

A ‘Renewed’ Wade Bowen

However, Somewhere is some of Wade’s best work—notably as a songwriter. Longtime Wade fans—perhaps of his songs like “In My Soul” and “So Long 6th Street”—are in for treat with the new album. All 12 songs on the new album were penned by Wade, along with top songwriters such as Lori McKenna, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan, Randy Montana, Ray Fulcher, and more. In addition, for the first time, Wade solely produced the project.

“I think we all did a lot of soul searching, but even before COVID, I was really doing a lot of soul searching,” said Wade Bowen. “I was trying to find where I fit musically again. And I feel like I’ve been doing this so long and I feel like I got off track from where I felt I fit. I wasn’t really sure if it was Americana or if it was country or if it was rock. I was all over the place with my songwriting and my career. Ironically enough, COVID really gave me a chance to just turn my brain off a little bit and stop thinking. When I came out on the other side, I really found not only a renewed sense of my music and wanting to get out and play again, but I found a renewed sense of self.

“I really felt I found who I wanted to be as a writer, as a singer, as an artist. I hate to just say country music or more country-oriented but, that’s really what it came down to and the simplicity of it. And I started looking back at my career and the most successful songs that I play every night and ones that have always been crowd favorites, They’ve always been a little more country and I kind of took that approach and diving into that side. I really love writing country-themed songs, I love country characters within songs. I just dove in as much as I could with that and ran with it.”

Track List & Songwriters

Standout tracks on Wade’s album are abundant. In fact, this project is best enjoyed in its totality as an actual cohesive set of songs. However, if you’re a singular “song” fiend, start with “It’s Gonna Hurt,” “A Beautiful World” featuring Lori McKenna, or the title track.

  1. Everything Has Your Memory (Wade Bowen, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  2. Burnin’ Both Ends of the Bar (Wade, Randy Montana)
  3. Honky Tonk Roll (Wade, Randy Montana)
  4. The Secret To This Town (Wade, Heather Morgan)
  5. If You Don’t Miss Me (Wade, Ray Fulcher)
  6. A Beautiful World featuring Lori McKenna (Wade, Lori McKenna)
  7. She’s Driving Me Crazy (Wade, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  8. Knowing Me Like I Do (Wade, Clint Ingersoll)
  9. It’s Gonna Hurt (Wade, Drew Kennedy)
  10. Say Goodbye (Wade, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
  11. A Guitar, A Singer and A Song featuring Vince Gill (Wade, Lori McKenna)
  12. Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth (Wade, Lori McKenna)