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‘Walker’ Actor Kale Culley Teases ‘Ridiculous’ Turn in Episode 7

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Alison Buck/Getty Images for SBIFF)

Actor Kale Culley, who plays Walker‘s son August, names “Episode 7” without hesitation when asked what he’s most excited for on the show.

Among the key differences in CW’s hit Walker Texas Ranger reboot are Walker’s children. Played by Kale Culley and Violet Brinson, August and Stella add a whole new dynamic to the life of the former undercover Texas Ranger. For young actor Culley, this means playing the peacemaker at home while Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker is out in the line of duty.

On this week’s Walker, Cordell and his two children come together in an effort to leave his undercover life behind. Much remains to be seen, however. Will this holds up? How deeply did it impact his children, and will continue to? A lot of mystery surrounds the death of their mother, Emily.

Speaking to all of this, EW interviewed Kale Culley recently. Together, they touch on August’s journey thus far – and what lies ahead for the young Walker.

“This is the longest you’ve lived with a character as an actor,” EW notes to Culley, a budding actor. “What has that experience been like for you [in comparison] to other roles you’ve had?

“For the costars and guest stars that I’ve done, I had a week that I spent with the character,” Culley agrees. “For this, we are starting [to film] episode 8 so I’ve had this character sit and simmer. The one really exciting thing that I’ve noticed about this, compared to working shorter days on set, is that I’m really finding a lot of connections between Kale and August. I’m finding a lot of new things that pop up.”

With this in mind, the trade asks Culley if he has a favorite episode coming up. His response?

“Seven. Episode 7 is ridiculous!” the young star replies without hesitation. As for what Walker fans can expect…

“All I can say for it is expect the unexpected. I’m gonna leave it at that,” Culley smiles.

‘Walker’ a Hit for CW, Season 2 On the Way

EW is quick to congratulate young Culley on the success of the show, too. The CW has already let fans know to expect a Season 2. For a 15-year-old, however, sudden fame from breakout shows like Walker can be jarring.

“What’s the audience reaction been like for you?” EW asks in kind. For his part, Kale Culley seems unfazed.

“I’m loving every second of it,” he replies. “People are making Instagram and Twitter accounts and fan pages of August. It’s great to see all that and the love for the show is just incredible. People enjoying it is the best thing we can receive.”

Thankfully, Culley says his patriarchal co-star, Jared Padalecki, has given him a bit of coaching how to cope with being in the public eye.

“He’s said is if you’re ever out to dinner, out in public, obviously whenever the public opens back up, but whenever you’re out to dinner, if they come up to you, be respectful, be nice, handle it well,” Culley reveals. “I’m only 15, I don’t want to be mean to anybody. I’m just gonna enjoy it.”

Well said young man. Walker airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Stick with your fellow fans at Outsider for all the latest.