‘Walker’: Ashley Reyes Joins As Series Regular Alongside Jared Padalecki

by Matthew Memrick

Stage actress Ashley Reyes will become a series regular, replacing Lindsay Morgan in Jared Padalecki’s “Walker” series in a March episode.

Reyes, who’s had roles in Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father” and Starz’s “American Gods, will show up in the upcoming “Nudge” episode.

Reyes comes in after Lindsay Morgan, who played partner Micki Ramirez, left for personal reasons. The new cast addition will play Cassie Perez, Walker’s new partner. Deadline reported on the show addition.

The New York native took to Instagram to introduce herself to “Walker” fans, saying, “saddle up, cowboys, there’s a new ranger in town!” 

She added that she would be giving Padalecki “hell for a while” while expressing her love for the “Walker” cast and crew. 

According to her IMDb profile, Reyes is certified in sword and hand-to-hand combat. She got it through the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (Gold).

New ‘Walker’ Star Has Quite A Backstory

This Cassie Perez character was previously a Texas state trooper for eight years. 

Now, she’s become a spirited, uncensored Texas Ranger in Dallas. Quick on her feet and strong, Cassie’s got a lot to bring to the “Walker” table.

Cassie knows the odds are against her. The show’s billed her as one of the only women rangers out there. She’s got a chip on her shoulder, too.

Finally, “Walker” show producers describe her as one to “chooses to splash vivid colors all over the canvas, rather than color inside the lines.”

Reyes sounds like she’ll fit into her new “Walker” role nicely in real life. She told Bare Magazine that “no matter what I wear, I always want to feel like I can kick some ass.”

The actress said her high-heeled Doc Martens were her favorite “grown-up woman shoes.”

She said the “sophisticated” shoes “with a bit of chaos” summed her up. 

Walker (Padalecki) reportedly will meet in Perez in an “electrifying” first meeting over a case of mistaken identity.

Lindsey Morgan announced in October that she was leaving the show for personal reasons. Morgan said the move was her choice, and she thanked those who supported her. She told TV Line that the show was “one of the safest, professional and joyful sets that I’ve ever experienced.” She added, “it was truly a privilege to create with such gems of human beings.”

More For Reyes On The Horizon

Reyes’s “American Gods” came out last month. She plays Cordelia, a rebellious and tech-savvy college dropout. The actress gets paired with former “Deadwood” star Ian McShane, who plays Mr. Wednesday on the Starz show.  

The actress will also star in “Slayers” with Malin Akerman, Abigail Breslin, and Thomas Jane. According to IMDb, the movie’s plot is about a group of superstar social media influencers who go to a reclusive billionaire’s mansion. There, they become trapped by an evil vampire. A famous online gamer and an old-school vampire hunter work to free the group.