‘Walker’ Star Dave Annable Shares Adorable Snaps of His Daughter ‘Loving Jiu Jitsu’

by Hannah Heser

Recently, the Walker star Dave Annable shared the most adorable snaps of his daughter enjoying Jiu Jitsu. It seems she is very passionate about martial arts. She can even pin her dad down now.

In the final clip, his daughter is finally able to tackle him when they wrestle each other. She has learned a lot in the many classes she’s taken thus far. It’ll be interesting to see how good she’ll get down the road.

In the caption of the post, Annable listed four things that caught his eye.

“1. So proud of my kid for trying and loving jiu jitsu.
2. Her favorite thing is to spar.
3. Refer to number 2.
4. ‘I I didn’t tap.’ #girldad #jiujitsu.”

Check out the sweetest photos, as well as a few clips below.

Throughout the comments, the little girl has a lot of her dad’s followers cheering her on. For instance, one user said, “Yea Charlie!!!” while another person said, “Good job, Charlie!!”

If she’s already showing this much knowledge of the sport, she’ll be a pro in no time.

Additionally, Annable is a huge family guy. When he’s not cheering his daughter on in martial arts, he’s spending quality time with his wife.

Dave Annable Loves on His Wife

Dave Annable is his wife’s number one fan. Recently, he revealed that his wife is one of the greatest multitaskers of all time.

Some people can’t multitask to save their lives, but that’s not the case for Mrs. Annable. You could call her Superwoman if you wanted to.

Outside of Annable’s acting career, he is a man that would do anything for his family. And we’ve got everything we need to prove that. On January 17, Annable took his family out for a nice meal.

In this recent picture, his wife is sipping on some wine while holding her little girl on the outdoor couch. And Annable makes a joke for why his daughter is asleep.

In the caption of the post, he said, “One of the all time great multitaskers. @odetteannable, you are one fine woman. I won’t even tell everyone what you slipped Charlie to get her to pass out while we eat. #momrocks.”

Soon after, the Yellowstone star adds a follow-up response. “Ha!!! No golfing. #coachable,” Annable added.

Clearly, Annable isn’t the only one who thinks she’s an amazing human. One user said, “Oh to be a parent. Also, she’s a babe.”

Several other fans told him he has a beautiful family. And he sure does.