‘Walker’: Everywhere You’ve Seen Cordell’s New Partner Before

by Megan Molseed

Jared Padalecki’s Walker is getting a new partner later this spring as Ashely Reyes joins the cast. In the popular CW series, Reyes will be portraying a character named Cassie Perez. Early descriptions of the character note that Reyes’s new Walker character is “spirited and uncensored.” A great addition to the Walker series, no doubt. But, where have we seen Reyes before?

Ashely Reyes is probably best known for her role in the popular Starz program American Gods. In this series, Reyes portrays Cordelia. Since then, Ashley Reyes has taken on a role in the Hulu hit, How I Met Your Father, the spinoff series to the massively popular CBS sitcom series, How I Met Your Mother. 

Ashely Reyes Is Bringing Some ‘Splash’ to CW’s Walker

Reyes’s Walker character Cassie Perez joins Jared Padalecki’s Walker after serving as a Texas state trooper for several years. The character is described as “unconventional and wily. She is also known to be incredibly “quick on her feet.”

While Cassie is one of very few women in her chosen field, she is dedicated to the job. While the odds are typically stacked against her, Cassie prefers to “splash vivid colors all over the canvas,” rather than “color inside the lines.”

The first episode of Walker set to feature Ashley Reyes is scheduled to air in March. This episode, titled Nudge features a case of mistaken identity. This leads to an interesting first meeting between Padalecki’s Cordell Walker and Cassie. A moment that is described as “electrifying” in early episode descriptions.

Elsewhere, Walkers Liam, who is portrayed by Keegan Allen gets some help with a plan. And Jalen Thomas Brooks’s character, Colton acknowledges his feelings for Violet Brinson’s Stella.

Padalecki Gives Fans A Hilarious Glimpse of How He Prepares For His Roles

Cordell Walker may be a serious – and tough – Texas Ranger on screen in the popular CW series. However, the man who plays him likes to keep things – and his workouts – light, some days.

In a recent Instagram clip, Jared Padalecki shares a workout routine set to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. And, well, you just gotta watch the clip to get it…but Padalecki is absolutely killing it.

Until he gets an itch on his nose. Who knows if these “45 lb” barbells are from the Walker set, or if it’s just something the actor has on hand. Either way, Padalecki’s hilarious workout is certainly one for the books!

A reimagining of the popular CBS original series Walker: Texas Ranger, the CW’s Walker follows Cordell Walker as he returns home after serving in an undercover case for two years. Walker is a sort of intense character with a strong moral code who is raising his two children after his wife passed away.