‘Walker’ Fans are Losing Their Mind After Episode 5 Teaser

by Evan Reier

Walker seems to be picking up more and more steam with each episode. Considering there are only four so far, the fervor of the fanbase is impressive.

This is, in part, due to the following of Walker star Jared Padalecki. Most will recognize him from his long-running role as Sam Winchester on the smash hit show Supernatural. Like Walker, Padalecki’s old show was also on The CW.

With that kind of backing, the scenes on social media during a Walker episode are bananas. Whether it’s excitement over the development of the new episode or swooning over Padalecki, fans are out in full force.

So it’s no surprise that after Episode 4 of the show, fans were sounding off. Especially so since the upcoming episode of Walker features man candy that fans can’t ignore.

Amy not only sums up her excitement but continues the tease to fellow Walker fans. With a similar post of the image, @cordirez expresses an even more intense sense of pandemonium.


And just to further show exactly how much a shirtless Padalecki set fans into a craze, this tweet from @SofPalaciosC about defines it perfectly.

“nooo now my mom is mad at me cause i actually screamed and woke her up when i saw shirtless cordi #Walker”

Fans Genuinely Excited for Walker Episode 5

But for every fan screaming about Padalecki, the Walker community is also genuinely excited for the next episode. Episode 4 featured closure and was a bit of a slow-paced addition to the story, but Episode 5 seems loaded on all types of action.

One user, @jarpadalecki6, replied to Padalecki with excitement for next week.

@jarpad I can’t wait to see What #Walker found on his phone and what happens next”

“Thank you Jared!!! This episode was amazing!! Each ep is getting better and better. You guys are doing so great!! #Walker@tame67impala tweeted.

One user highlighted that as the show goes on, getting more depth to the characters and their relationships has been a major plus.

“#Walker Another great episode! Love the way all the character relationships are starting to develop!” @dmthompson64 posted.

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