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‘Walker’ Has ‘Electrifying’ Encounter With Perez in Upcoming Episode

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images,)

Jared Padalecki and “Walker” start back in a week with a new character named Perez and an “electrifying” encounter.

Bleeding Cool has some preview images and a Season 2, Episode 10 overview about “Nudge.” It airs on the CW Network on March 3.

New Character A Shock For “Walker”

Well, not for “Walker” fans exactly. Ashley Reyes signed on with the show earlier this week, taking over for Lindsay Morgan (Micki Ramirez). Morgan left the show for personal reasons.

A feisty Texas Ranger named Cassie Perez mistakes Cordell (Padalecki) for a suspect. But she’s his new partner. In some preview still photos, fans can see Perez using a stun gun to subdue Walker. 

But the show preview clip reveals quite a bit, too. Perez is a no-nonsense kind of woman. It’s kind of wild that she gets to stun her new partner, kicking off that exciting dynamic.

Earlier this week, Reyes introduced herself to all “Walker” fans in an Instagram post, saying, “saddle up, cowboys, there’s a new ranger in town!” The actress added she would be giving Padalecki “hell for a while” while expressing her love for the “Walker” cast and crew. 

According to her IMDb profile, Reyes is pretty good with sword and hand-to-hand combat. The website said the actress got it through the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (Gold).

Reyes is currently starring in Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father,” a spinoff of the popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Her premiere role came in her portrayal of Cordelia in the Starz series “American Gods.”

Other credits include the children’s television program “Kid Fitness” and the pilot of “Family Values.” Reyes will next appear in the horror movie Slayers. She stars in the movie with Malin Akerman, Abigail Breslin, and Thomas Jane.

New Star Has Some Great Tastes

Reyes talked with Nylon magazine recently for a profile. The New Yorker had some excellent interests to share.

When asked about her dream music festival acts, she mentioned Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Taking Back Sunday.

She also talked about shoes, revealing she had a favorite pair of Chuck Taylors. The actress said she’s had them for years and won’t junk them.

“My dog has chewed through them,” Reyes said. “The shoelaces are broken and knotted together, they’re a mess.”

Despite pleas to toss them by her mom, she won’t part with them.

“People have even offered to buy them because of how wonderfully worn in they are, but I refuse.”

Plus, she’s a huge Survivor fan, saying she’s like to be on the show one day.

“I feel like I would be decent at the physical challenges, and my social game would be pretty strong,” she said. “That being said, I don’t know how well I would do with the lack of food. I get unbelievably hangry. But otherwise, I think I could be the lone survivor.