‘Walker’: Here’s How the Show May Be Setting Up Lindsey Morgan’s Departure

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

As Lindsey Morgan prepares for her departure from Walker, fans are now wondering how the TV series may be setting up the exit of Morgan’s character Micki.

CinemaBlend reported that during the recent episode of Walker, Micki’s undercover operation went sideways. Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) nearly had a bullet shot into his back. Although things are a little rough with her boyfriend, Trey, Micki was hit with an even more complicated situation when her old flame Garrison showed up. He was apparently tied up with the target she’s undercover for, Serrano.

Garrison knows that Micki is undercover and a Texas ranger. He still vouches for her to Serrano. Instead of ratting her out to Serrano, he asks her for an out. He also suggests maybe rekindling their romance. Unfortunately, Garrison lied to Micki. Serrano knew she was a ranger. There was a shoot out which resulted in Garrison dying, Serrano being arrested, and Micki left devasted. The death could be how Micki leaves Walker.

Morgan recently announced she was leaving Walker and had no plans to return after the current season. She stated she was leaving for “personal reasons.” The actress shared on Instagram, “This decision was entirely my choice and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those involved for their full support and compassion.”

Morgan described Walker as one of the safest, professional, and joyful sets that she’s ever experienced. She then stated it was truly a privilege to create with such “gems of human beings.” She adds, “I deeply value my blessed career as an actress, and I love ‘Micki Michelle Floriana Ramirez’ and the heartfelt story of WALKER that we were illustrating around Texas, my hometown, and the people you can find there.”

Lindsey Morgan Opens Up About What Attracted Her to ‘Walker’

During a recent interview with Glitter Magazine, Lindsey Morgan reveals what drew her to the Walker role. “Walker’s a really special show. And up until this point, I was doing a very certain type of acting on my last show, The 100. And I was doing some other sci-fi things. I really enjoyed genre acting, but my heart was looking for something a bit more personal and a bit more modern.”

Morgan describes her character Micki as a pioneer. “In this new world that she is tackling. Even though she’s afraid, even though she there’s pressure, and even though she has to face obstacles. She knows what she’s doing is to elicit change. That’s really noble.”

Morgan goes on to add that Micki is focusing on her job. The character wants to feel some respect as a ranger. “[She] wants to feel like she’s doing a good job and just doesn’t want to be embarrassed. It’s pretty special how much it mirrors. I’ve actually been enjoying that a lot.”