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‘Walker’: How Many Episodes Will Lindsey Morgan Appear In?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

In a turn of events that has many fans scratching their heads, Lindsey Morgan is departing from Walker and will not return after this season. So, when can viewers expect to stop seeing her on the show? That’s a difficult question to answer at the moment.

Morgan made the announcement just a couple of days ago. For “personal reasons” she is leaving the show. She has been on The CW for quite some time. Her first role on the network was on the show The 100. In that series, she appeared in each of the seven seasons. After that show ended she hopped onto the cast for Walker. Now, she is heading out after just one full season.

However, it is clear that she will be around for several more episodes as they write the character off.

As Mick Ramirez, Morgan was the star opposite Cordell Walker. Jared Padalecki, who stars as Walker released his own statement in support of his former costar. From the looks of things, there is no definite word on her return. She could even come back as a guest star in the future.

In her statement, Morgan laid things out about why she made the decision. In the statement, she also spoke about the support she had from the network and CBS Studios.

“I have made the incredibly difficult decision to step away from my role as Micki Ramirez on Walker for personal reasons,” Lindsey Morgan explained. “And I am eternally grateful to have the support of the producers, CBS Studios and The CW in allowing me to do so. The opportunity to play Micki has truly been a blessing as has working alongside the incredible cast and crew of this terrific series. Please know that I will continue to root for my TV family and wish them all the best.”

‘Walker’ Producers Support Morgan’s Departure

The thing about Walker is that the first season had a lot of success. Viewers on The CW were pleasantly surprised at the revival of the Walker Texas Ranger story. Padalecki has made an impression as the lead star. Without his partner, Micki Ramirez, Cordell Walker has a lot to figure out moving forward.

Despite the random departure, there are no hard feelings from those at the show towards Morgan. From her costar Padalecki to The CW and CBS Studios and more. This unexpected move has been met with tons of support. Showrunner Anna Fricker expressed her own feelings of support.

“It’s been a true pleasure to work with Lindsey,” Fricker said. “I admire her as a person and as a professional. She will of course be missed, but we truly support her and celebrate the impact she has made on this show.”

If Walker fans stay patient, they might get a chance to see Ramirez return as a guest. Just have to stay tuned to see how it unfolds.