‘Walker’: Jared Padalecki Live-Tweeted Episode 4 and It Was Incredible

by Quentin Blount

Fans of the popular show, Walker, were in for a treat on Thursday night as star actor Jared Padalecki live-tweeted episode four in epic fashion.

As Walker fans already know, Padalecki plays the show’s main character, Cordell Walker. Tonight marked the airing of a brand new episode, the fourth one of the season. 

He took to Twitter prior to the start of the episode to let his fans know that he would be live-tweeting.

“Alright folks!!! Gonna be watching #walker live in ten minutes!!! Who’s in?! (Warning: may be talking a lot DURING…)” Padalecki wrote.

And he wasn’t kidding. By our count, the Supernatural actor tweeted 16 times during the episode. Before jumping into it, beware that there are major spoilers below for those who have yet to watch the latest episode.

Jared Padalecki Live-Tweeting Walker Episode 4

The episode begins with Cordell Walker and Micki Ramirez spotting a shooter on the run in a truck. They try to pull him over before Walker tells Micki to bulldog him. That scene must have been a fun one to shoot.

“Bulldoggit Micki!!! #walker @linzzmorgan” Padalecki tweeted.

Then as Walker is moving into his new house with Stella and August, Stella tells him that she will be doing community service at a stable. He warns her that those are the prison stables and to stay clear of all the prisoners.

“Stella working at the prison stables?!?! I don’t like the sound of that…” Padalecki says.

Not long after, Walker finds himself back at his parents’ house. He comes across a stack of mail while in the basement, with one piece being a letter from a man named Gary. Padalecki took to Twitter during the scene, writing, “Who’s been writin my mama letters?! 😡 #Walker #walkerfamily”

Meanwhile, Walker and Ramirez go to visit Mrs. Harlan later in the episode.

Surrounded by a beautiful garden, they ask where she was at the time of Mr. Harlan’s death. After they speak with her, the duo talks to her children. This scene leads to an especially funny sequence where the daughter winks at Walker. He then jumps and turns to see if she is winking at someone else.

“I guess #walker isn’t used to people winking at him 😂😂,” Padalecki jokes.

As a matter of fact, one fan even shared a clip of the hilarious interaction.

Later on, back at the stable, Stella and Trevor go to rescue a horse that had gotten out. As they arrive back, Stella hears her dad’s voice and hides with Trevor letting him know that her dad is a Texas Ranger. Padalecki turns into protective daddy and tweets, “That young man sure is lucky I didn’t see him…😡”

Moreover, after looking through the information from the Garden Gala, Walker and Ramirez learn that she was alone instead of with her husband as she had said. They then take a look at the video footage, showing her and Shaw embracing. They conclude that the two must have been having an affair, and went to question Shaw.

“Alright #TeamSassyBoots sounds like you might have a lead…. Go get ’em,” Padalecki tweeted.

Finally, the episode ends with Walker going into August’s room while he’s sleeping. He sees a phone under his bed with a text from Twyla, telling him to get down there. She also calls him Duke Culpepper in the text — a hint at the next episode titled “Duke.”

“Got some ‘splainin to do #walker …. I get the feeling we’ll be learning MORE about that…😳😳😳” Padalecki says.

Padalecki then signed off of Twitter for the night after thanking his fans for joining him. He will be live-tweeting next week’s all-new episode as well. To catch next week’s tweet session or to view all of Jared Padalecki’s tweets from episode four, click here.