‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Reveals What Drew Him to the Role

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Wendy Redfern/Redferns)

Walker is moving right along in Season 2 of the reboot of the Chuck Norris-led classic with Jared Padalecki leading the way. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Western drama, but with such large shoes to fill, it was fair to wonder why Padalecki would follow in Norris’ footsteps.

Jared Padalecki told the Hollywood Reporter, “I grew up in Texas and I feel like Walker, Texas Ranger, the Chuck Norris version, had been on [TV] a lot. And obviously, we find ourselves in a very different situation and I want it to find a storyline that I could work from home in Austin about a law enforcement agent who ideally for me, the audience will never know if he’s liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican. This is not a show about roundhouse kicks. This is a show about a well-rounded family man.”

Jared Padalecki Goes Back Home

The Texas aspect of his interest makes sense, especially when you consider how much time he spent away working on Supernatural for so many years. Before that, it was Gilmore Girls. This is an entirely different role for him. It allows him to showcase a completely different side of who he is. As an actor and a person. He’s a Texan and with this role, perhaps people may change how they view him.

He wanted to go home to Austin and he did. Perhaps the most interesting, and refreshing, point he makes about accepting the role is who he sees the character as. It is no secret that we live in an increasingly polarized society. Padalecki knows that. Instead of joining in, he doesn’t want people to know where his character stands on hot-button issues. He wants him to be a human being, and he wants to be a good family man. He wants a role that everyone can identify with. Isn’t that cool?

Jared Padalecki also says, “This is just somebody trying to be the best version of themselves they can and falling short, but, but striving to learn … This is more about like, “Hey, this guy is doing the best he can,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. He wants to show the character as a more relatable character than the previous iteration. Here is a guy who will make mistakes, but, man, can’t you tell that he is trying his best?

Walker can be viewed on the CW on Sunday nights at 10:00 PM EST. The show is currently in the middle of its second season.