‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Speaks on What It Was Like Working With Wife Genevieve on Show

by Evan Reier

For Jared Padalecki, working on Walker is pretty sweet. Getting to work with his wife and fellow actor, Genevieve, is even sweeter.

Fans of Padalecki’s previous show, Supernatural, are well aware that the pair’s work on Walker isn’t the first time they’ve teamed up. She portrayed Ruby on the smash-hit show, and meeting each other on the program is how the pair eventually started dating and then married.

On Walker, Genevieve plays the deceased of Cordell Walker, Emily. While the setting for their characters is somber, the vibe behind the scenes has been nothing but positive, Jared Padalecki tells People.

“Being able to show her off to the cast and crew was awesome,” Padalecki said. “She sacrificed so much while I was in Vancouver [shooting Supernatural.] She was home a lot with the kids, changing diapers and making lunches. So getting her back out with people with similar passions and interests was awesome to see. It’s good to flex those muscles again!”

Now, they get to spend time together at work as well as at home. As Emily, Genevieve has made several appearances throughout the show’s first season. Now, with the season finale airing on August 12, it’s all coming to a head.

Genevieve Padalecki Geared Up for Walker After Hiatus

After her stint on Supernatural and meeting Jared, Genevieve Padalecki took acting a bit slower. In fact, the role of Emily is her first new role since portraying Ruby. So when the opportunity first arose for the pair to work together, Genevieve said she jumped at the chance.

“Jared had been developing [Walker] and we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Park City,” Genevieve said to Entertainment Weekly. “And his phone kept ringing at dinner and it was Anna… So he stepped outside and he came back and said, ‘I have something really interesting to ask you. How do you feel about playing my wife?’

The story didn’t matter. I was able to be a part of that journey and also be alongside my husband, so it really felt like a no-brainer.”

The rest is history. As Emily, Padalecki provides a guiding light for Cordell Walker as he enacts justice. And while it may have been the actress’ first new role in some time, she said it came back like riding a bike.

“Once I stepped into Emily’s shoes and sat down in the makeup chair and then got on set, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember how to do this. I love this so much.’”

One can only imagine what it’s like to get to work with your significant other doing what you love, especially when its on a major TV show. Considering Walker is already picked up for Season 2, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the end of Genevieve Padalecki as Emily Walker.