‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Return of Real Life Wife in Season

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Jared Padalecki’s new gig on CW’s Walker has an added bonus, his wife.

Jared and Genevive Padalecki met back in 2008 when Genevive guest-starred in Jared’s long-running series Supernatural. The couple married in 2010, and have three kids together, Thomas, Austin, and Odette.

On the heels of the Supernatural series finale, Jared, 39, signed on with CW’s new Walker Texas Ranger spinoff titled Walker. In the show, Jared plays Cordell Walker, a widower trying to raise two kids while he investigates the suspicious death of his wife, Emily.

Lucky for Jared, he gets to work with Genevive once again because she plays his late on-screen wife.

Last year, Genevive joined the cast as a recurring character. She appeared in Cordell’s flashbacks as he grieved and looked for answers about her shooting. And on Friday (November 4th), Jared told WCCB Charlotte that his wife will continue to appear on Walker during season two.

In a short recap, Jared told WCCB’s Derek James that “Cordell kinda made peace with all the questions he had about Emily and her death.” But she’s still a major character in the series, and she’ll continue to show up in flashbacks with Cordells kids and parents.

However, fans will see Emily from “different perspectives and different angles.” And it will be a while before we see her with Cordell again.

Walker season two premiered on October 28th, sans Genevive. Look for her return every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Filming at Home in Texas

After Jared Padalecki wrapped up Supernatural in 2020, he announced that he’d be taking a break from the silver screen to spend more time with his family. But CW changed his mind. The network convinced Padalecki to star in a new Walker Texas Ranger reboot titled Walker, and apparently, Padalecki couldn’t resist. And last month, the CW crime drama began its second season.

Padalecki really didn’t sacrifice a lot to work on his new project though. The series stars his wife, Genevive, so the two get to spend more time together on set. And the show films in his hometown of Austin, TX. So he doesn’t have to travel to work, which means more time at home with the kids.

In a recent interview with WCCB Charlotte admitted that he appreciates the change of pace. And working in Austin has given him a new sense of normalcy.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “A lot less flying. I don’t even know where my passport is right now, where I usually have it plastered to me. But yeah, I get to drive to work every day and I get to drive home to my wife and kids. And you know, today I have a later call, so I got to help out with breakfast.”