‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Opens Up About ‘Heartbreaking’ Decision to Leave

by Jacklyn Krol
Stephane Cardinale, Getty Images

Walker actress Lindsey Morgan revealed the reason why she decided to exit the series.

Last week, Morgan announced her departure after coming to the “difficult decision difficult decision to step away from my role as Micki Ramirez.” She said that she is exiting for personal reasons. She expressed her gratitude for

Furthermore, she thanked showrunner and star Jared Padalecki, who she described as “a wunder-boss and acting partner-in-crime.” She wrote that he fully supported her decision “while doing everything in their power to make this situation as comfortable as possible.”

“This decision was entirely my choice,” she noted. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those involved for their full support and compassion. I have only been treated with the utmost respect, kindness and appreciation from this cast, crew, production, writing team, network and studio. WALKER was one of the safest, professional and joyful sets that I’ve ever experienced and it was truly a privilege to create with Such gems of human beings.”

Lindsey’s Big Lesson

Finally, Morgan added that she values her career choice and time acting as Micki. She was glad that the series could depict her home state of Texas and the amazing people who live there.

“If this pandemic taught me one thing, it is that health and well-being are a privilege, and should be our greatest priority. Therefore, I am optimistic towards what this next chapter will bring me and though my heart is breaking to no longer be kicking serious ass ‘TX Ranger style’ week after week on your TVs. I have to do what is best for myself.”

Could Micki eventually return to Walker? Potentially. Fans can agree that it wouldn’t make sense to kill of her character with the plot from the first season.

“This isn’t goodbye,” she concluded. “But an extended break and I hope to return to my career healthier and happier than ever after taking this time off.”

‘Walker’ and Its Texas Roots

The Supernatural alum spoke with WCCB of Charlotte about his work life filming in his home state of Texas. This followed fifteen years on the hit spooky television show which filmed in various locations, not in Texas.

“It’s awesome,” Padalecki said of Walker. “A lot less flying. I don’t even know where my passport is right now, where I usually have it plastered to me. But yeah, I get to drive to work every day and I get to drive home to my wife and kids. And you know, today I have a later call, so I got to help out with breakfast.”

Padalecki grew up watching Chuck Norris originate the role for the television station. Not only is it easier to commute to work, but he feels a deep sense of pride in it.

“I grew up in Texas and I feel like ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ the Chuck Norris version, had been on [TV] a lot. And obviously, we find ourselves in a very different situation,” he added. “I want it to find a storyline that I could work from home in Austin about a law enforcement agent who ideally for me, the audience will never know if he’s liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican. This is not a show about roundhouse kicks. This is a show about a well-rounded family man.”