‘Walker, Texas Ranger’: 1995 Episode Cast ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Opposite of Chuck Norris

by Madison Miller

Chuck Norris had faced off against a number of bad guys during his “Walker, Texas Ranger” days.

In fact, he played the role of Walker from 1993 to 2001. In each episode, he works to uncover some kind of crime and the episode usually ends with him round kicking some unlucky person in the face.

Taylor Sheridan on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

In 1995, he had a special guest that knows a thing or two about Westerns. The creator of the popular Paramount Network show, “Yellowstone,” paid a brief visit. He is playing a character named Vernon on the show.

The episode was called “War Zone” and aired on February 11. Early on in the episode viewers learn that a group of men dressed as clowns is robbing banks at gunpoint.

In one particular heist, Walker’s ex-partner is killed in the crossfire. He is now determined to figure out how to stop this group from killing anyone else. At the same time, he takes on the role of a support figure. That is he helps the children of his friend cope with the loss of their father.

One of the kids is a rebellious son while the daughter is a cop who looks to get in on the case.

Before Taylor Sheridan was a popular screenwriter and director, he was acting. Early in his career, he was in a series of guest roles in shows like “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” “Party of Five,” “Time of Your Life,” and “Bad News Mr. Swanson.” After that, he had gotten recurring roles in “Veronica Mars,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Sheridan and Westerns Today

Since then, Taylor Sheridan has also taken on screenplay writing and directing. He wrote the screenplay for “Sicario” which was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award. He also wrote the screenplay for “Hell or High Water,” which was nominated for four different Oscars. Sheridan wrote and directed “Wind River,” a highly popular modern Western crime film starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

He has a passion for Westerns. Specifically, he is able to create modern-appearing Westerns. This means films or shows that take place today but feature the themes so well-recognized in the Western genre.

Sheridan’s first acting role was in “Walker, Texas Ranger.” In a 2019 article from The New York Times, Sheridan talked about the impact of that role and what he learned. The majority of which is that Chuck Norris is basically Walker in real life.

“Chuck Norris was the first celebrity I ever met, and he was such a gracious guy. But he got into a fight with another actor. Chuck’s itty-bitty, and this guy was huge. You know all the Chuck Norris jokes? He actually does just beat people up with his fists,” Taylor Sheridan said.

He also said that people still have an “appetite” for Westerns. In response to people saying “Westerns are dead” he said, “No, bad Westerns are dead.”