‘Walker’ TV Show: How to Watch New Hit CW Program

by Suzanne Halliburton

“Walker” is quickly becoming one of the hottest shots on TV today. So, where can you watch “Walker, Texas Ranger,” 2.0?

If you have cable television, switch it to the CW channel each Thursday night. It comes on 8 p.m, Eastern.

Or, if you’re not a cable subscriber, you can watch it as part of the live TV option on Hulu. Or, you can wait until Friday’s and catch the show on the CW app. If none of those are options for you, check out Amazon Prime video. You can buy individual episodes for $1.99 or the season one for $19.99. YouTube TV has the episodes for sale, as well.

Walker Drew Sky-High Ratings For CW

So what’s all the fuss about Walker?

The premiere generated a ton of buzz about the reimagining of “Walker, Texas Ranger.” The debut last month drew 2.44 million viewers. It also sported a rating of .37 in the key demo of adults ages 18 to 49.

The audience was the largest for its CW time period since Dec., 2016. Plus, the show generated the biggest premiere for any CW show since January, 2018. The audience for the second episode stayed relatively steady, drawing 2.1 million viewers.

And, Jared Padalecki is the star of the show. Fans loved him on Gilmore Girls. They adored him on Supernatural. Padalecki also has Texan street cred. He was born in San Antonio and moved to Austin years ago. He’s very believable playing a Texas Ranger living in Austin, where the show is filmed.

What’s The Show About?

Here’s the show’s setup:

Walker evolves around Padalecki’s Cordell Walker. As the show opens, he’s just returned from a near year-long undercover assignment. He volunteered to go undercover after his wife, Emily, was murdered. The two had two children, Stella and August. And Walker still is raw, emotionally, from Emily’s death. He also needs to reconnect with his children.

“He’s a ticking time bomb,” said Kale Culley, who plays August. “Whatever moment it’s going to take for him to explode, it’s definitely going to show. He has all this stuff going on underneath him. He’s just a ticking time bomb so we’ll just have to wait.”

Walker gets a new partner, Micki Ramirez, a former state patrol officer. Together, they solve crimes.

Jared Padalecki initially didn’t want to be the star of Walker.

“I was tired of being on camera for 20 years straight,” he said. “I wanted to produce a show called Walker starring Jensen Ackles.”

Ackles was Padalecki’s co-star on Supernatural.

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