‘Walker’ TV Show: Is 2021 Reboot Filmed in Texas?

by Jon D. B.

Fans of the original “Walker, Texas Ranger” will know it was shot authentically in the state of Texas. But is the CW reboot doing the same?

A staple of 90s television, “Walker, Texas Ranger” catapulted Chuck Norris to a household name and cemented his status as an American icon. From 1993 on, audiences were all-in with his Sergeant Cordell Walker.

Much of the character was crafted specifically for Norris, as well: from his martial arts expertise to the stoic nature of his dialogue. The show itself achieved a similar authenticity through shooting and casting near-entirely in the state of Texas.

Now that Sergeant Cordell Walker is making his return to television via the CW, viewers have several loaded questions. Chief among them after the show’s premiere: Is this interpretation of “Walker, Texas Ranger” keeping true to the spirit of the brand and filming in Texas?

Where is the ‘Walker’ reboot filmed?

Right off the bat – “Walker” fans will be pleased to hear that the reboot is filming in Texas. It’s a good thing, too, as Texas is a damn hard place to fake. Moreover, the entire plot centers around the new Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) returning to Austin after the death of his wife.

Thankfully, the CW production team took a massive page from original producer Chuck Norris’ book. The show is almost entirely filming in and around Austin, Texas, and will continue to through April of 2021.

As such, many of the city’s famous landmarks will appear in episodes of “Walker”. Among them are the Texas State Capitol, and several iconic statues and parks Austin residents will immediately recognize. The production team’s agreement with the city of Austin even states that the city’s logo must appear at the end of each episode, too.

But that’s not all. According to Distractify, Texas was willing to put some serious money in order to have “Walker” remain authentic and shoot in-state.

“To ensure that Walker would film in Texas, the Austin City Council kicked in $141,326 in incentives to the California production company filming Walker. Also, the state of Texas last year agreed to pay $9.3 million in incentives to help bring the reboot to the Lonestar state,” the trade cites.

In short: the new “Walker, Texas Ranger” is all-in when it comes to authenticity – and so is Texas.

Reboot’s Leads are Both Texas Natives

The best part for “Walker” fans? The reboot’s star, Jared Padalecki – is a San Antonio, Texas native. Unlike Chuck Norris, he was born and raised in the state. Hard to imagine another Walker having a leg up on Norris – but so far, this takes the cake! Padalecki currently lives in Austin, as well.

Congruently, co-star Lindsey Morgan is from Houston, Texas, and is grateful to return to her home state to play Walker’s partner, Micki. Speaking with the New York PostLindsey says she “grew up in Texas. I haven’t been back really, especially to Austin — it’s become a true full-circle moment for me.” 

In turn, Padalecki shares with local Austin news channel KXAN that keeping Texas as the heart of this incarnation is of paramount importance to the native. “I wanted to show that there are a lot of us who live here in the great state of Texas and call it home and have for our whole lives,” the star says.

“We shoot all around town. We have some scenes on South Congress, we have some scenes in north and south of the city, in Dripping Springs, in Driftwood, and Wimberly.”

Spoken like a true Texan. Catch Walker on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW. Up next: