Walmart Apologizes to Morgan Wallen After Accidentally Leaking Star’s New Album

by Atlanta Northcutt

As an artist, you have a special moment in your mind when you want your hard work to be released to the world. Unfortunately, Morgan Wallen didn’t get to experience that moment as Walmart made the mistake of releasing his work too soon.

Wallen put together a 30-track double record which was supposed to be released on Jan. 8. Although it’s only four days early. Those moments are special, especially after recording 30 songs. Morgan Wallen’s new album is titled Dangerous: The Double Album.

Walmart responded as any major company would, with an apology:

“[Walmart] are deeply apologetic to Morgan for this unfortunate situation,” a spokesperson for Walmart told Rolling Stone. “We appreciate Morgan as an artist and understand his frustration and disappointment. We have protocols in place to help ensure new albums are not sold before the release date, yet in this instance his album made its way to the shelf in a handful of stores early. We’re actively removing any albums remaining on the shelves in those stores to hold until the official release date, and taking additional precautionary measures for the future.”

Morgan Wallen & Dangerous: The Double Album

Thank you Walmart, I suppose, as they released the album without Morgan’s knowledge. However, fans were on top of it and informed him through social media. Surprise! His album is leaked by the national supermarket.

What was Morgan’s response to the news? He posted to social media, stating,

“It’s been brought to my attention that some of my music, well my album, has leaked, at some Walmarts around the country,” Wallen said. “Man, I’ve been working on this album for three years. I’ll be damned if I’mma let Walmart do the leaking like that.”

Fans may be excited, but the disappointment in his caption on social media reads how unhappy he feels for his work to so nonchalantly be thrown out into the world.

“I’ll be Damned if I’mma Let Walmart Do the Leaking Like That.”

– Morgan Wallen

Since he’s discovered Walmart has leaked his songs, he has begun to share the songs: “Warning,” “Dangerous,” and “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt” on his Instagram story.

“I’m gonna start doing the leaking of the songs myself,” Wallen declared.

As a performer who’s put three years into a record, it’s no surprise his anger shows during an Instagram video he posted:

He captioned the post: “If anyone’s gonna leak my music, it should be me. Links for leaks will be in my story shortly.”

After posting to Instagram, he explained:

“It’s kind of messed up, but I don’t shop at Walmart anyway,” he adds. “I also gave Target two extra songs. So if you’re going to buy my album physically, go to Target, baby.” He also tagged Target as the location when he posted the video to Instagram.