‘The Waltons’: Ben Actor Eric Scott Revealed What it Was Like Working With Ralph Waite

by Clayton Edwards

The Waltons was one of the biggest drama series on television in its era. The show regularly held a third of the overall TV audience. At the same time, it left a lasting impression on the minds of its fans. There were several things that made the show so popular. For one, it was different. The series took place in rural Appalachia during the Great Depression and World War II. It focused on a family living in the mountains of West Virginia. However, it didn’t present them as a joke. Instead, the series showed viewers across the country what life was like in that place and time.

The other thing that made The Waltons so great was the titular family. The actors were like a family behind-the-scenes as well as on-screen. At the center of that family was Ralph Waite who played John Sr., the patriarch of the family. He was a great actor. However, he was so much more than that to those who worked with him. Unfortunately, Waite passed away in 2014. The surviving members of the cast remember him fondly and miss him terribly.

Earlier this year, the cast of The Waltons had a reunion hosted by Stars in the House. During the event, they remembered the good times on set. Also, they talked about Ralph Waite. At one point during the event, Eric Scott, who played Ben, talked about what it was like to work with the late actor.

Eric Scott Remembers Working With Ralph Waite on The Waltons

Eric Scott and Ralph Waite played father and son on The Waltons. That relationship didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling. During an emotional moment during the cast reunion, Eric Scott said that Waite was like a third father to him. Scott had a dad and stepdad. However, Waite was also a father figure to the young actor.

Before that, he said that his The Waltons co-star was unpredictable in the best possible way. Eric Scott said that he was fortunate to have several scenes with Ralph Waite in the latter part of the series. Going into scenes, he never knew what to expect from Waite. However, he knew that whatever Waite did, it would be amazing. He went on to say that scenes with Waite were easy for him. This is because the late actor was “such a giver,” that all the young actor had to do was remember his lines. Waite would guide the scene and he just needed to follow.

Eric Scott closed his comments on the late Ralph Waite by saying that he misses him tremendously. This was something that the rest of the cast of The Waltons agreed with. Ralph Waite wasn’t just a huge part of the television series. He was a big part of each of their lives. When Waite passed, he left a hole that no one can fill. This is true for both the cast of the classic show as well as fans of Waite’s acting.