‘The Waltons’: Why Judy Norton Avoided Purchasing Clothes That Reminded Her of the Show

by Clayton Edwards

The Waltons was one of the biggest shows of its era. It looked at the life of a family in Depression-era Appalachia. For many fans, it was a way to escape to a simpler point in history. At the same time, it was a series show that never shied away from heavy emotional topics. It also never turned its characters into a joke just because they were in a rural setting. The series also made stars out of its cast. For instance, it propelled Judy Norton to fame.

Today, Judy Norton hosts a web series that takes fans behind the scenes of the classic series. She tells fans stories from the set and gives her honest opinion on a range of Waltons-related topics. It is a great resource for fans of the series and allows them to connect more deeply with the show and its characters.

Back in March, Judy Norton released an episode of her web series that was all about the clothes they wore for the show. At one point, she talked about not wanting to buy anything that reminded her of the series.

Judy Norton Didn’t Want to Dress Like Mary Ellen Walton

In the clothing-centric episode of her web series, Judy Norton recalled a big fashion shift in late-70s America. As the timeline in The Waltons moved into the 1940s, fashion seemed to follow suit. At that point, the 40s vintage look was all the rage. Norton points out that the wardrobe department could literally shop off the rack for clothes for the show.

Judy Norton was frustrated by this. When she went out to buy clothes for herself, she didn’t want to look like she was wearing her Waltons wardrobe. Norton said that she would go to the store and think to herself, “I could wear this on the show.” So, she was very particular about what she would buy. After all, no one wants to wear their work clothes all the time.

Before that period, Judy Norton said, there was nothing to worry about when shopping. Fashion in the early seventies was very distinct. Norton mentions seventies staples like hip-hugger jeans with bell bottoms. During those years, The Waltons was taking place in the thirties. So, there was no overlap in fashion.

Judy Norton doesn’t feel the same anymore. In fact, she says that the dress that she is wearing while filming the episode reminds her of something she would wear during the later years of the series.